Date: October 31st 2012

Understanding America / Road Tapes Venue #1

Dear People of Earth (and especially everyone over 18 and a citizen of the United States),

Here's some stuff we just have to share:

1. Happy Halloween!

2. Please vote!

3. We are so pleased to announce Frank Zappa's UNDERSTANDING AMERICA. Cook some up for your Constitution.

4. We're also delighted that Road Tapes, Venue #1 starts shipping within the week. We are pleased here at UMRK & Vaulternative Records to announce this new series of audio entertainments. Among these are the more primitive audio documentary attempts to capture the essence of what was highly and improbably and even impossibly out there on the road in some of the worst audio terrain imaginable. We'll put you there! Come with us.

5. From Now Until The End of the Year:

The era when Francesco Zappa clashed with the Duke of York compares not to Frank Zappa meeting the Mothers of Prevention. Francesco had a patron at least, with privilege. FZ took a M.O.P. to clear the Congressional Halls of the censorship of music and lyrics. The question he asked everyone to consider was always Does Humor Belong In Music? You can laugh at Jazz From Hell but armed only with a Guitar, FZ proved You Can't Do That Onstage Anymore, whether in Helsinki or on Broadway, The Hard Way was not the only way to get The Best Band You Never Heard In Your Life to Make a Jazz Noise Here. So even if you must insist on Mothermania that was only the beginning and only a small part of the experience of Understanding America.

You know You Can't Do That Onstage Anymore, volumes of times but what you can do at your next picnic with your friendly Playground Psychotics - always soooo Ahead Of Their Time that is almost annoying - is treat yourself to a large orchestral snack of The Yellow Shark. Whenever the question is Have I Offended Someone? you won't need an ocean of Lšther to find that Mystery Disc. You will know the answer in all the Lost Episodes and in each, every and all the Finer Moments.

6. Watch the skies. For the Full Moon. For New Announcements coming soon!

7. Don't forget to Vote!

8. Here's wishing everyone confronting Sandy warm, dry and healthy days ahead.

9. ZPZ's out there soon. Try and catch them if you can!


the barfies


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