Date: March 22nd 2016

Who the F*@% Is Frank Zappa?

Dear People of Earth,

You might have heard about our friend Alex Winter’s Kickstarter campaign to preserve the Vault and make the definitive doc film about Frank’s life. We’re so grateful and completely psyched to see that so far more than 3,000 of you have stepped up to help make this happen! Check out Alex's site if you want to learn more:

And more good news: To benefit the campaign, Alex and his team are bringing the epic ROXY: THE MOVIE to the big screen in its first ever theatrical tour! Tickets and details at for the following cities — with more on the way!

March 23: Denver, CO (Alamo Drafthouse)
March 24: Austin, TX (Alamo Ritz)
April 2: Winchester, VA (Alamo Drafthouse)
April 3: Los Angeles, CA (Arena Cinema)
April 4: Lubbock, TX (Alamo Drafthouse)
April 4: Houston, TX (Alamo Drafthouse)
April 4: San Francisco, CA (Alamo Drafthouse)
April 5: Yonkers, NY (Alamo Drafthouse)
April 5: London, UK (The Prince Charles Cinema)
April 6: Ashburn, VA (Alamo Drafthouse)
April 7: Baltimore, MD (2640 Space)
April 14: Toronto, Canada (Revue Cinema)
April 20: Schenectady, NY (Proctors)
May 10: Bristol, UK (Watershed Cinema)

This is an amazing chance for Frank's fans to come together — enjoy it!

"Music Is The Best!" ~FZ

- the ZFT



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