Official Beat The Boots! Discography
Tengo Na Minchia Tanta (Front Cover)
Beat The Boots II:
2. Tengo Na Minchia Tanta

Originally Released: June 1992

01. Does This Kind Of Life Look Interesting To You? 0:49
02. A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus) 7:26
03. Sleeping In A Jar (with extensions) 4:34
04. Sharleena 4:31
05. The Sanzini Brothers 0:32
06. What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening? 4:35
07. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? 5:00
08. Bwana Dik 1:45
09. Latex Solar Beef 1:00
10. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy 2:46
11. Little House I Used To Live In 4:04
12. Holiday In Berlin 4:36
13. Inca Roads/Easy Meat 7:16
14. Cruising For Burgers 2:45

Recorded at the Fillmore East, NYC - November 13, 1970


FZ: guitar, vocals
Mark Volman: vocals and special material
Howard Kaylan: vocals and special material
Jeff Simmons: bass, vocals
George Duke: keyboards, trombone, vocals
Ian Underwood: keyboards, winds
Aynsley Dunbar: drums

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