Official Discography
Apostrophe (') (Front Cover)

One Size Fits All
FZ/The Mothers Of Invention

Official Release #20
Originally Released: June 1975
Produced by: FZ

01. Inca Roads 8:45
02. Can't Afford No Shoes 2:38
03. Sofa No. 1 2:39
04. Po-Jama People 7:39
05. Florentine Pogen 5:27
06. Evelyn, A Modified Dog 1:04
07. San Ber’dino 5:57
08. Andy 6:04
09. Sofa No. 2 2:42


Those Who Play This:

FZ: all guitars, lead vocals on Po-Jama People, Evelyn and Sofa No. 2, bg vocals on other tunes
George Duke: all keyboards & synthesizers, lead vocals on Inca Roads, Andy and Sofa No. 2, bg vocals on other tunes
Napoleon Murphy Brock: flute and tenor sax, lead vocals on Florentine Pogen and Andy, bg vocals on other tunes
Chester Thompson: drums; gorilla victim
Tom Fowler: bass (when left hand is not broken)
Ruth Underwood: vibes, marimba, other percussion
James "Bird Legs" Youmans: bass (on Can't Afford No Shoes)
Johnny "Guitar" Watson: flambe vocals on the out-choruses of San Ber'dino and Andy
Bloodshot Rollin' Red: harmonica when present


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