Official Discography
Joe's Garage Act I (Front Cover)

Joe’s Garage Act I

Official Release #28
Originally Released: September 1979
Produced by: FZ

01. The Central Scrutinizer 3:28
02. Joe's Garage 6:10
03. Catholic Girls 4:19
04. Crew Slut 6:38
05. Fembot In A Wet T-Shirt 4:44
06. On The Bus 4:31
07. Why Does It Hurt When I Pee? 2:23
08. Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up 5:42
09. Scrutinizer Postlude 1:35


Recorded at Village Recorders "B," LA
April-June 1979

Mastered at Ken-Dun "D," LA
recording engineer Joe Chiccarelli
re-mix engineers Mick Glossop & Steve Nye

cover photo Norm Seeff
art director/illustrator John Williams

The Musicians:

FZ: lead guitar, vocals
Warren Cuccurullo: rhythm guitar, vocals
Denny Walley: slide guitar, vocals
Ike Willis: lead vocals
Peter Wolf: keyboards
Tommy Mars: keyboards
Arthur Barrow: bass, guitar (on Joe's Garage), vocals
Patrick O'Hearn: bass on Outside Now and He Used To Cut The Grass
Ed Mann: percussion, vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums, combustible vapors, optometric abandon
Jeff: tenor sax
Marginal Chagrin: baritone sax
Stumuk: bass sax
Dale Bozzio: vocals
Al Malkin: vocals
Craig Steward: harmonica

The Cast:

FZ: Central Scrutinizer, Larry, L. Ron Hoover, Father Riley & Buddy Jones
Ike Willis: Joe
Dale Bozzio: Mary
Denny Walley: Mrs. Borg
Al Malkin: Oficer Butzis
Warren Cuccurullo & Ed Mann: Sy Borg
Terry Bozzio: Bald-Headed John
The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Chorus: Al Malkin, Warren Cuccurullo, Dale Bozzio, Geordie Hormel, Barbara Issak & most of the people who work at Village Recorders



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