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Greasy Love Songs (Front Cover)
Greasy Love Songs (Back Cover)
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Greasy Love Songs
an fz audio documentary project/object

Official Release #87
Released: 4 April 2010
Label: Zappa Records
Catalog Number: ZR 20010
Produced by Frank Zappa
CD Compilation Produced by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers
All FZ Music produced/arranged/performed/ conducted by Frank Zappa.
Cruising With Ruben & The Jets, Original 1968 Vinyl Stereo Mix* Produced by Frank Zappa


01. Cheap Thrills 2:23
02. Love Of My Life* 3:10
03. How Could I Be Such A Fool 3:35
04. Deseri*** 2:07
05. I’m Not Satisfied 4:03
06. Jelly Roll Gum Drop 2:20
07. Anything** 3:04
08. Later That Night 3:06
09. You Didn’t Try To Call Me 3:57
10. Fountain Of Love* 3:01
11. “No. No. No.” 2:29
12. Anyway The Wind Blows 2:58
13. Stuff Up The Cracks 4:35
*This, says Vaultmeister Joe Travers, is a UMRK BOSS first!!! Now appearing, after 40 years in obscurity!! You’re excited.
14. Jelly Roll Gum Drop 2:18
Alternate Mix - Mono.
15. “No. No. No.” 3:06
Long Version
16. Stuff Up The Cracks 6:05
Alternate Mix. Recorded at Mayfair Studios, 24 July 1967 during the WOIIFTM Sessions – Evidence suggests this mix was likely done at the same time. Players: FZ- Guitar & Vocals, Ray Collins- Lead vocals, Roy Estrada- Bass & Vocals, JCB- Drums, Ian Underwood or Don Preston- Piano
17. “Serious Fan Mail” 5:11
Segments/Excerpts: FZ Lecture with Q & A at The New School, NYC, 21 Feb. 1969 / Interview at WMEX with Warren Duffy, Boston, 31 Jan 1969. Segment Collaged by the Vaultmeister at UMRK, 2009
18. Valerie (C. Lewis/B. Robinson, BMI) 3:03
Mono mix. Mayfair Studios, 21 July 1967. This alternate version was recorded during the “Money” Sessions, precedes BWS and frequently played at the Garrick! Repertoire!!! Engineer - Gary Kellgren. Players: FZ- Lead Vocals, Guitar. Roy Estrada- Bass, Ian Underwood- Piano, Motorhead Sherwood- Baritone Sax, JCB- Trumpet, Billy Mundi- Drums, M.O.I- Background Vocals
19. Jelly Roll Gum Drop (Single Version) 2:24
Released as a B-side to Deseri, December 1968 © 1968 ZFT)
20. “Secret Greasing” 3:36
FZ delivers THE STORY OF RUBEN & THE JETS, Xenochronous with Big Jay McNeely’s “Benson’s Groove” Live on KPPC in Pasa- dena with Les Carter, 27 Nov. 1968. Beat Booten by Joe Travers.
21. Love Of My Life* 2:06
From FZ’s 1977 2 tk “Cuca Impossible Recordings” compilation in a Record Plant box, 1⁄4 inch 10 inch reel format, carefully labeled in FZ’s hand: – CAREFUL! OLD TAPE. Check Azimuth for Each Cut – An FZ-typed sheet indicates Ray Collins & Mary Gonzales. Suspicious minds might conclude that FZ plays everything and it might be that there was possible lurkage by Paul Buff. Original recording circa ’62- ’64, Cucamonga (Studio Z!)
TT: 68:26
Tracks 1-16 Mastered by Doug Sax with Sangwook “Sunny” Nam, Ojai, CA, 2009
Tracks 17-21 Mastering & Audio Restoration by John Polito, Audio Mechanics, Burbank, CA, 2009
Tracks 14, 18, 19 & 21 are MONO.
All compositions by Frank Zappa (except *FZ & Ray Collins; ** Ray Collins; ***Ray Collins & Paul Buff & copyrighted for the world by Frank Zappa Music except *,**,*** published by Frank Zappa Music & Ray Collins Music.

The Mothers Of Invention
per FZ's original 1968 liner notes on 'Cruising With Ruben & The Jets':

Ray Collins: lead vocals
Frank Zappa: low grumbles, oo-wah lead guitar
Roy Estrada: high weazlings, dwaedy-doop electric bass
Jimmy Carl Black and/or Arthur Dyer Tripp III: lewd pulsating rhythm
Ian Underwood or Don Preston: redundant piano triplets
Motorhead Sherwood: baritone sax tambourine
Bunk Gardner and Ian Underwood: tenor alto saxes




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