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The Real Frank Zappa Book (Front)
The Real Frank Zappa Book (Back)
The Real Frank Zappa Book
by Frank Zappa
with Peter Occiogrosso

Originally Published: 1989
Published by: Poseidon Press, New York
352 pages, ISBN: 0-671-63870-X

Introduction: Book? What Book?
01. How Weird Am I, Anyway?
02. There Goes the Neighborhood
03. An Alternative to College
04. Are We Having a Good Time Yet?
05. The Log Cabin
06. Send In the Clowns
07. Drool, Britannia
08. All About Music
09. A Chapter for My Dad
10. The One You've Been Waiting For
11. Sticks & Stones
12. America Drinks and Goes Marching
13. All About Schmucks
14. Marriage (as a Dada Concept)
15. “Porn Wars”
16. Church and State
17. Practical Conservatism
18. Failure
19. The Last Word

Final Words:

The absolutely official book on Frank Zappa. 100% true and based entirely on reality. Written by the Maestro.


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