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Beat The Boots! Scrapbook
Beat The Boots! Scrapbook (Back)
Beat The Boots! Scrapbook
by Frank Zappa

Originally Published: 1992
Foo-ee Records - R-70372

Included in the original Beat The Boots Box Set.

Final Words:

The "Beat The Boots" project was originated by Frank Zappa to make bootlegged material available in an effort to beat the bootleggers at their own game.  Without any assistance from the FBI, this seemed to be the easiest way to frustrate the efforts of bootleggers who were misrepresenting the intention of the artist by offering inferior product and at the same time refusing to pay for the master rights (at that time, most artists had exclusive recording contracts which meant that only the artist or the record company had the right to record the artist) or the publishing (song rights).

The whole project was conceived by FZ including the artwork and the original Box Set included the Scrapbook.  FZ remains one of the most heavily bootlegged artists (not to mention counterfeited) of all time primarily because he never played the same show twice.


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