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The Dub Room Special (DVD)

The Dub Room Special (DVD)

DVD Released: 18 October 2005
Format: DVD 9 Dual Layer - 4:3 Screen Format - NTSC - Region 1 and 4 encoded - American English - PCM Stereo
Total Running Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes

Written, produced, directed & music conducted, arranged & performed by Frank Zappa.

Starring everybody from Compact Video (1982) and many other exciting persons. With George Duke, Ruth Underwood, Chester Thompson, Tom Fowler, and Napoleon Murphy Brock in legendary performances recorded August 1974 & other musical entertainment, Halloween, 1981, with Tommy Mars, Ed Mann, Ray White, Scott Thunes, Bobby Martin, Chad Wackerman, and Steve Vai.

Featuring Massimo Bassoli and his rubber chicken and the amazing clay animation of Bruce Bickford (circa 1974).




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