Gail Zappa daughter of a rocket scientist, wife of composer Frank Zappa, mother of Moon, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva Zappa. Writer, Art Director, Provocateur. Has changed a million diapers and a few minds — including her own. [Grammy winner: Gail and Frank Zappa, Art Directors, Best Recording Package - Boxed - 1995, CIVILIZATION, Phase III]

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It’s that Time of Times again. Happy Witchypopo!

Added: October 31st, 2014 in A Musing or Not

Dear People of Earth,

YES!!! Thank all your ghosts for showing up! Hug all your goblins and ghouls and send them on their frabjous way! Kiss all your familiars and favorite all your pumpkins. Wish all your treaters and tricksters well. Get Down in De Dew. Celebrate the next few days – from Halloween through Day of the Dead!!! – Witchypopo! We wis…

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Re: Frank Zappa

Added: September 23rd, 2013 in Questions

On Sep 22, 2013, at 7:29 AM, STANLEY FRIEDMAN wrote:


Please excuse my ignorance, but could you quote Frank saying

It can’t happen here…

Please complete the quote.

Sorry to trouble you.

Many thanks,

Stanley Friedman.

This is from the lyrics to “Help, I’m A Rock,” from FREAK OUT! I don’t do publishing this way but …

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Re: ROXYminusDistribution

Added: June 14th, 2013 in Questions

On Jun 8, 2013, at 4:48 AM, martin wrote:


thanks for reminding me of ROXY/PROXY.
I’m still willing to donate but not to distribute.
Do you provide any solution/suggestion
for people like me who want to help
moving the project forward financially but don’t find the
time to distribute any of the CD’s?
I’m willing to give away money/but don’t wan

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Re: Token Of….

Added: June 5th, 2013 in Questions

On Jun 4, 2013, at 11:49 AM, jjj wrote:

A Token Of His Extreme is finally released on DVD today (I pre-ordered mine!), but not a word about it at ZAPPA.COM. What’s up with that? I just sort of ran across is on Amazon.
But you did find it! No one told us either. Thanks for sharing. We’ll use your enquiry.



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Re: Waka/Jawaka?

Added: May 28th, 2013 in Questions

On Mar 1, 2013, at 11:54 AM, Chris Starr wrote:

Hi Gail,

This is the Question Scrrrruuutinizer!Would like to know if Frank ever played the song Waka/Jawaka live?Is there a Petit Wazoo concert coming our way anytime?Thanks to you and the Zappa team for bringing us Zappa People the GREAT music that you do.

Christopher Starr 3/01/2013

YES and Yes. And according t…

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Re: Capt Beefheart Lick My Decals Off Baby Reissue?

Added: May 28th, 2013 in Questions

On May 13, 2013, at 4:08 PM, Christopher Haley wrote:

Hi, thanks for the Trout Mask Replica reissue. Thanks for all the music really. Just wondering if by any chance you will be reissuing Beefheart’s Lick My Decals Off Baby? I don’t know if since it was released by FZ’s Straight Records Label means it’s possible to be done. Thanks aga

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Re: Radium Pellets?

Added: May 21st, 2013 in Questions

On May 14, 2013, at 4:39 PM, Ezra Lesser wrote:

Hello Ms. Zappa,

I was exploring the depths of Wikipedia a bit ago (the world’s most potentially harmful news source!) and stumbled across some interesting information:
“A doctor treated [FZ’s] sinusitis by inserting a pellet of radium into each of Zappa’s nostrils; little was know

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Re: III Questions

Added: April 29th, 2013 in Questions

On Nov 4, 2012, at 9:17 PM, matthew contreras wrote:

Hello Gail,
ssing into law – things like arresting people for wearing obscene t-shirts such as bearing pictures or rpresentations of Black Sabbath – oscene by virtue of someone having decided what they recorded was obscene so therefore images of them on a shirt would be fineable and could resu

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Re: Trout Mask Replica -Jan Van Vliet

Added: April 29th, 2013 in Questions

On Apr 11, 2013, at 2:11 AM, Odd Magnus Grimeland wrote:

I would think Jan Van Vliet has an interest in the estate of Don, similar to your own interest in the estate of Frank. I wonder how she is involved in the new issue of Trout Mask Replica and how her interests are taken care of? 


O. M. Grimeland

There really isn’t a cordial way of not minding yo…

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Re: Project/Object……………..

Added: April 15th, 2013 in Questions

On Mar 17, 2013, at 6:18 AM, Richard Graham <> wrote:

Hey howz things going…..??? >>>>>>>>> Well, I myself can not afford to pay 1,000$ to get a liscence to be a distributor…..but how Do I find out where or who from I may be able to purchase a copy of “THE ROXY SHOW”…

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