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Added: August 27th, 2011 in Questions

Hi there boys and girls,

Once I decided to make this section an open book as an opportunity for anyone – seriously ANYone – to respectfully (one can hope) ask whatever question of kind or nature, for me to answer.  And guess what!  Hardly anyone seems to want to know anything except things concerning for the most part, where ZPZ is going to play next.  The thing is I am happy to accommodate  but this is so unexpected.

Be that as it may, for all of you who had and have questions I am still wading through them and I thank you for being in touch with me and for all of those endearing and heartfelt comments that many of you have shared with me.  I hope to answer every one and as you have seen, many are not published.  I must also say thanks to those of you have indeed asked very specific and in some cases personal questions and have respected my privacy by offering information to others without direct quotes, without “publishing” my answers, and without making announcements about me in open forums here or elsewhere.  I really appreciate being able to exercise this kind of trust.

For all those of you who write concerning ZPZ here is a general answer to many of your questions:  We (Dweezil, myself, the zft)  do not control the venues, the routing, the promoters, the agents, the manager, the ticket prices and many other things of necessity that go into putting a show out on the road.  RE Ticket Prices = these are not controlled by the band and they are higher where ZPZ “opens” for RTF.  Re Venues:  If you want the Band in your town and you check the schedule online and don’t see them coming to a venue anywhere near you that is the time to write letters to your local newspaper (???) and certainly to the management of the Venues and Promoters in your area.  Or to the Agents.  I can only offer advice on this – I have no real answers but love and appreciate your enthusiasm for Dweezil and ZPZ.  We regret that Scotland, Australia, Italy and Atlanta are in such dire need!!  We love hearing from you and several of us have various fingers crossed.

There are reasons I write and this is first to say thanks to all my kith and to all of those who are discovering FZ, have discovered FZ, and especially to those who are twice smitten and refuse to live without his music.  However, I also must say I am disappointed not to see any questions regarding “issues” that are rabid on other sites – I would like to clear some of those brown clouds they are making.  But nobody ever asks me about any of this – even by invitation.  The They and all their Them cohorts just continue to lobby volleys of mad abuse in my direction because perhaps there is nothing about the truth they want to know.  This is intended to be a place where any one could address anything and especially question the rumor-mongered mis/disinformation to see what I have to say about it.  But apparently there is a lot of willingness to maintain the Big and little lies.  And they do it in FZ’s name.  Exactly unlike him, they have zero humor, zero curiosity, zero discretionary thinking capabilities and zero imagination and therefore zero real information or true knowledge.  They are not beautiful.  They are not fun.  And they are not fans and certainly not friendlies.  The Them is real and they practice in deliberate wrong thinking – exactly the kind of behavior that FZ so famously and humorously excoriated.  So thank you also for your consideration.  But will you help me?  If they won’t ask, will you?

gz, deathless horsie de la FZ