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Re: 7/31 re-issues

Added: June 21st, 2012 in Questions

On Jun 18, 2012, at 2:20 PM, Jess R. Hernandez wrote:


Great news on the re-releases. A few quick questions:

1-The Hot Rats CD has always been a 1987 re-mix, not the original 1969 mix. Is this new CD the `69 mix, or the `87 re-mix?  I pefer either.

2-Is the packaging faithful to the LP’s?

3-Should I sell or junk my `95 Ryko CD’s, or keep `em as collector’s items?


Jess R. Hernandez

Thanks!  1.  Technically none of the above – this is the 2008 Bernie Grundman Re-master – which mostly resembles the original 1969 mix.  You will love it.  2.  Absolutely.  And even more faithful to the requirements established by the original Barking Pumpkin releases.   3.  I would keep them for the moment – but you decide.  None of the new releases are “sourced” from the Ryko releases and although many represent the digital masters mostly as you have come to understand them, many do not!  Each package will identify the actual source so you will be able to plan your collection accordingly.  We think everything sounds better but I am sure you will let us know.

Thanks for your email.

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