Gail Zappa daughter of a rocket scientist, wife of composer Frank Zappa, mother of Moon, Dweezil, Ahmet and Diva Zappa. Writer, Art Director, Provocateur. Has changed a million diapers and a few minds — including her own. [Grammy winner: Gail and Frank Zappa, Art Directors, Best Recording Package - Boxed - 1995, CIVILIZATION, Phase III]

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Added: December 18th, 2012 in Questions

On Dec 17, 2012, at 10:19 AM, Phypers, William wrote:

Hi Gail!

As I’m sure you know, Friday, 21 December is FZ”s birthday. Will there be an AAAFNRAA birthday bundle offered this year and most importantly, will it be released before or after the end of the world?


Bill Phypers
Brewster, NY

Yes. During.


“Music is the Best!”~fz