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Re: Distortion

Added: October 17th, 2012 in Questions

On Oct 10, 2012, at 8:16 AM, IAN ENTWISTLE wrote:

Hi Zappa People,

Just wondering if the new 2012 overnite sensation is to be re-mastered again with the correct stereo image,i.e.left and right channels the right way round like the last cd from 1995,Discreet Vinyl and Barfkin Old Masters Vinyl versions,in order to complete my growing collection.

The new one I’ve just recieved has been mastered the wrong way round.Ive heard people complaining about distortion.However,I’ve noticed that you invariably get distortion when the channels are reversed.I’ve got about 30, 2012 analogue transfers and there all terrific.Keep up the good work.

Look forward to hearing from you URGENTLY !!!,obviously.

Many thanks and kind regards,


Hello Ian,

A coupla things: 1. I have it on excellent authority that distortion is not a function of switching stereo channels. 2. FZ is KNOWN to have switched stereo channels at will – his, I might add – and it is not our business to interfere or “correct” the sorts of things he does. 3. the distortion of Over-Nite Sensation has always been there, perhaps a bit more prominent along with other sonic information as a result of this new remaster which, according to the Vaultmeister, “reflects the original 1973 vinyl stereo image and sonics.”

Thanks for your kind attention,