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Re: Läther Album Cover

Added: February 11th, 2013 in Questions

On Feb 6, 2013, at 12:42 PM, Kirk Gauthier  wrote:

I was just perusing and noticed, under FZ’s official discography, there’s a new cover for Läther that’s not the photo of a cow. Was this the original album cover, or was it an unused cover photo to coincide with the catalog relaunch? And is/was it an homage to the cover of Fugazi’s second release, Margin Walker (for reference, see this)?

As always, thanks for all the tunes!
– Kirk Gauthier

This was a proposed original cover but the album was not released until much later – and we used the cow instead. With the re-release of everything (the entire catalog) all at once, it seemed more than appropriate to go back and rethink/restore quite a few of the original covers. The photographs are from the shoot from which the covers of Joe’s Garage, Acts 1, 2 & 3 originated. These albums were released in 1979. In this case it is obvious that FZ’s album was first and therefore not influenced in any way by Fugazi’s cover. Quite the opposite I would tend to suspect.


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