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Re: “Music is the BEST!”

Added: August 25th, 2012 in Questions

On Aug 23, 2012, at 6:04 PM, Brian E. Boldt wrote:

Dear Gail,

Is there an advantage to ordering the “Frank Zappa – 56 Original Masters by The Maestro in Chronological order – 1966 – 1993″ complete from Barfko-Swill, as opposed to bit by bit elsewhere? Meaning, is there a special box, or something else collectable, etc.? The reason that I ask, is that if I cancel all my current pre-orders through Best Buy and Amazon and order through Barfko-Swill right now, I can still take the first 12 that I already bought out of the order from Barfko-Swill and return them to Best Buy with their receipt for a full refund!

I need to know in the next couple of days though, otherwise, it’ll be too late to process the return via their 30 day return policy.

Thank you; always wanting to support you and the family!

(Really wish this option was available, or even the knowledge of it, before I bought the first 12. Sigh.)

My best,

Thank you for your support. The answer to your question: If you grab a bundle as offered you will also get Free shipping – domestic only – and a discount on a t-shirt as offered. Check it out.


“Music is the Best!”~fz