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Re: Publicity and Experiments

Added: July 31st, 2012 in Questions

On Jul 25, 2012, at 10:19 PM, Brian E. Boldt wrote:

Dear gz,

I have two questions:

1)  Why is there zero publicity regarding the reissues?  I can find NOTHING other than regurgitations of the press release.

2)  What happened to the Roxy Concerts announcement?  What is the “social experiment” that you speak of, and how can I participate?  I never received the promised follow up email.

Please know that I will be buying all the reissues, not picking and choosing, in order to support you and the Trust.  One can never have enough FZ!

I was a university musicologist in the past, who walked away from it to sell cars — long story.  Now, I own a small business with my wife.  I discovered FZ about three years ago and have been SLOWLY listening to all of his music carefully and thoroughly, album by album, in their historical order of release — and to give you an idea of how slow, I am only on The LSO Vol. 1 album, after 3 years!!!!!  Yet, I now listen to NO OTHER MUSIC than that of your late husband.  (So, clearly my slowness is due to thoroughness, not laziness.  I move on to the next album when I am satisfied or impatient.  LOL!)

Having written a book on Beethoven, and have specialized in the past in 19th C. chamber music, I can (and often do), look people straight in the eye and to their amazement, and my own as well, honestly say that I believe your husband to be the greatest composer to have breathed air on this Earth.  Greater than Bach, and greater than Mozart (though I never thought I would say that!).  He has eclipsed my love of Beethoven, and the shared passion for Stravinskii — know that I got GREAT pleasure from his allusions in the second album and throughout the body.

I owe a great deal to FZ for my own musical evolution after having been stuck for many years — one of the reasons that I left academe.

Anyway, all that just came out.

I have great respect for you, your family, and a deep love for your late husband.

Thank you, and may Great Spirit (i.e. – simple “Truth”) bless you…


Brian (& Katherine) Boldt

PS – We do our initials like you and Frank do.  Just noticed that today!  FZ/gz — BB/kb

Brian (& Katherine),

Did you sign up to receive emails?  Assuming that you did (perhaps obviously), expect a couple next week – one on Diva’s birthday about the RE- Releases and one soon after regarding the grand “Social Experiment.”  To say that we have been a bit busy is a complete diminishment of the facts – we have gone over every album cover – all the art and their respective details – with a comb of the highest order of fine teeth.  They are all being reprinted just for you and anyone else who sees FZ in their mirrors as you do!  Thanks for your attention and your ears.  The 60 Masters FZ made for Barking Pumpkin can be available, 12 per month for a total of 56 Titles, at a mailbox (or a store) near you beginning next week.  You know what to do.

And Brian (& Katherine), thank you so much for your kindness and consideration in sharing your feelings with us.  This is what makes my heart sing in the midst of all the drama and protocol of administrative clerking about.  That, and the MUSIC!

“Music is the Best!”~fz