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Added: September 14th, 2012 in Questions

On Sep 14, 2012, at 5:10 AM, Nick Meyers wrote:

Hi Gail / Barfies,

Can you tell me the titles comprising the final batch of 12 original albums for release in November – presumably will include YCDTOSA vols. 3 through 6 and Yellow Shark?


Nick Meyers – huge UK Zappa fan since the late 70’s…yippee do

Ahhh. Tricky question. I see how you are. Out of a total of 56 actual Titles (considering some of the combined ones – Joe’s Garage and SU&PYG and LSO par example – you want to know how we are planning to get to 12 in November. Cheeky clever you are. Let me just confirm that for you Nick. That would be a yes on 12 – with fingers crossed. How we get there from here is a mystery so far but does include Mystery Disc. And YCDTOSA 3 – 6 and Yellow Shark and Playground Psychotics and The Lost Episodes with some Have I Offended Someone? on the side – and one or two surprises! Cross your fingers for me and we’ll get there together! (Did I mention Vinyl?)

Thanks Nick.

“Music is the Best!”~fz