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Re: Titles again

Added: August 25th, 2012 in Questions

On Aug 24, 2012, at 7:38 AM, Hans Annellsson wrote:

Dear Gail,

I’ve made a lyric consisting entirely of titles from Frank’s songbook.
I don’t know if I need permission for this, if I do I’m hereby seeking it.
The music is mine, but I’m willing to credit Frank as a co-lyricist.
The title of the song is Titles and will be released by The Vegetarians.
Notice that the intent is not to ridicule or make mockery of Frank, his lyrics or his music.
This isn’t a totally original idea; the English group Barclay James Harvest released a song
in the seventies (also named Titles) consisting of Beatles titles.


Tell me you love me, Willie the pimp
Wonderful wino, You are what you is
Chunga’s revenge, Would you go all the way
Uncle meat, Father O’blivion It can’t happen here

Florentin pogen, Carol you fool
San Bernadino, Shove it right in
It must be a camel, Love of my life
Apostrophe, If only she woulda, Catholic girls

Muffin man, He’s so gay
Jazz from hell, Pick me I’m clean
Mom & dad, The purple lagoon
Return of the hunchback duke

Lost in a whirlpool, The groupie routine
Amnesia vivace, I’m a beautiful guy
Dong work for Yuda, Can’t afford no shoes
Goblin girl, Eddie are you kidding, Help I’m a rock

Muffin man, He’s so gay
Jazz from hell, Pick me I’m clean
Mom & dad, The purple lagoon
I ain’t got no heart, Fine girl

Suicide chump, T’mershi duween
I don’t even care, In France

Baby Snakes, Joe’s garage
Toad-O line, While you were out
Valley girl, Why Jonny can’t read
That evil prince, Sy Borg

Massagio galore, Soup’n old clothes
Return of the hunchback duke

Hans Annellsson


For the most part, this is a list of FZ Compositions. You are calling it Lyrics but it is a list. You do not have permission to use FZ’s concepts which are a part of his image to associate yourself with FZ for commercial exploitation. Thanks for asking but the answer is NO. Also, you should be ashamed of yourself for even considering that crediting FZ for half of the “lyrics” would be an attractive offer.