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PostPosted: Tue Dec 10, 2013 8:53 am 

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BillyDaMt wrote:
Jaminbenb wrote:
tjfar67 wrote:
They had one job..... What would Frank think besides "Why are we still using an outdated distribution system?"

Gail's whole business model is way outdated! I mentioned to her one time that people are going nuts looking for new stuff that they don't have, and that it would be great if the ZFT would put shows from the vault "warts and all" out there (with minimal work done on them) since the only thing some of us can find are bootlegs with crappy quality, but at least it's something...she heard the word bootleg, and she just went into a tizzy about that whole "industry"! She doesn't even realize people TRADE for things and don't pay like they used to do!

I've even told her that you can walk out of an Allman Brothers show WITH A COPY OF THE SHOW YOU JUST HEARD! They record and SELL them at the shows!

If they'd release ONE show per month from the vault with minimal production, in a cardboard sleeve with minimal art, (or have them available for download, either Mp3 or "lossless") she'd be WAY ahead of the game and would HAVE the capitol to do some of these MAJOR releases!

I'm THRILLED that they are doing the whole Road Tapes series, but we need them more often!

Sadly its never going to happen. But I agree warts n all, cleaned up a bit.
the reason it wont happen is due to the overprotective parent routine the ZFT does on all things FZ.
if they arent careful, they will overprotect his legacy into extinction.

That's what a lot of us are afraid of EXTINCTION! Not that there are a LOT of them out there anymore, but whenever I get to a "CD" store, I always jump around to a few bands that I collect, and there's NEVER any Zappa in the bins! New, old, etc. It's GOOD that they have Zappa Plays Zappa out there, but the fact that Gail alienated some of the "old guard" from touring with them, is bothersome, AND the fact that she's complaining about the bands with former members that ARE out there trying to keep the legacy rolling! (although I've heard that she hasn't messed with Banned from Utopia so far this tour)

I really wish to know what she's afraid of? Frank wanted to put things out there, it took her a LONG time to do that. Except for the few things Frank prepared before he passed, it took them a long while to get things rolling! Hell I'd love another set of YCDTOSA releases! There HAS to be test pressings of things that they've found over the years?!?!

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