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PostPosted: Sun May 16, 2004 8:12 pm 
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[quote author=Ren Höek link=board=albums;num=1084141898;start=0#9 date=05/13/04 at 13:06:00]<br><br>No, but someone who has the idea in his head that remixing albums for release on compact disc is worse than censorship is an extremely ignorant person.<br><br><br>If YOU had used YOUR BRAIN for a minute or two before you posted this crap, you might've noticed that I had a point.<br><br><br>No, I can't.<br><br>Jesus fucking Christ, is this guy kidding?<br><br>This is THE OFFICIAL FRANK ZAPPA FORUM for Christ's sake! Not KILL UGLY RADIO!<br><br>Zappa fans aren't supposed to advocate censorship!<br><br>Now, look, I don't like some of the things FZ did to his catalog.<br>I don't like that he removed "Willie the Pimp Part Two" from the Fillmore East CD remix.<br><br>I don't like the remixes of You Are What You Is and Tinsel-Town Rebellion.<br><br>But Frank Zappa improved the sound on a lot of his records.<br><br>The CD remixes of Hot Rats and Thing-Fish, for instance, sound a million times better than the old vinyl records will ever sound.<br><br>Same deal with Freak Out! and Joe's Garage.<br><br>To say that what FZ did to his catalog was "far worse than censorship" would be completely ignorant.<br><br>Censorship is the second worst thing in the world (the first is murder).<br><br>Censorship is the idea that you can shut someone up just because you don't like what that person is saying.<br><br>Without free speech, you wouldn't have the power to post on this message board.<br><br>Without free speech, Frank Zappa wouldn't have been able to make the records he made.<br><br>So be thankful for free speech -- and don't advocate censorship, because without free speech, there would be no Frank Zappa records.[/quote]<br>You forgot to mention the Sleep Dirt CD in there somewhere.

If yore expectin' any pearls
o'wisdom to drop from mah mouth,
yore barkin' up the wrong tree.
- Festus Haggen

PostPosted: Mon May 17, 2004 4:46 am 
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[quote author=Ren Höek link=board=albums;num=1084141898;start=15#25 date=05/16/04 at 18:58:27][center]<br><br><br><br>Image[/center][/quote]<br><br>Wow, man.  You know, this is just like that time Frank got on a message board and spoke out, no matter what ANYBODY thought!  You, sir, are a true First Amendment hero.  God bless Amnerika.

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