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PostPosted: Wed Sep 04, 2002 1:50 am 

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Frank's use of conceptual continuity was pretty much how a character in a song or a musical or lyrical phrase could reappear in another song if he thought it enhanced the song. Some of my favorite bits of this Conceptual Continuity:<br><br>01 Part of SINISTER FOOTWEAR cropping up within WILD LOVE. (Or is that vice-versa!)<br>02 "Wanna buy some ________, Bob?" <br>On FLAKES and the BBYNHIYL version of TORTURE, Frank pokes fun at Bob Dylan. (By the way, Dylan's KNOCKED OUT LOADED album has Frank's name listed in the thanks to's)<br>03 JEWISH PRINCESS theme "hidden" in the fade out of CATHOLIC GIRLS.<br>04 All the little bits of LUMPY GRAVY that pop up on WOIIFTM and vice-versa<br>05 On PACKARD GOOSE, Ike says "What is that, Musk?", which was a line from the DENTAL HYGEINE DILEMMA routine.<br>06 Bits of BIG SWIFTY incorporated into GREGGARY PECCARY<br>07 NO NOT NOW and STRICTLY GENTEEL (Jazz Noise) refer to Donny & Marie Osmond's "Go Hawaiian" Hawaiian Punch commercial.<br>08 In SY BORG, Joe (Ike) sings a line from OH NO, because he can't believe how the chrome plated machine that looks like a magical pig with marital aids all over its' body is 'way more fun than Mary and cleaner than Lucille'.<br>09 In HARRY YOU'RE A BEAST on WOIIFTM you can hear a bit of ORANGE COUNTY LUMBER TRUCK right before Madge starts crying.<br>10 Is HARRY in HARRY YOU'RE A BEAST the same character as HARRY in Thing-Fish?<br><br>As far as conceptual continuity in the project/object of my life goes, I'm the main character I keep introducing into the final product!  ;D

And if you don't know by now
The truth of what I'm tellin' you
Then surely, I have failed

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Authors also use CC.  Stephen King and Anne Rice are notorious for it!  <br><br>I can't list them off the top of my head, but I've heard way more CC examples in the instumentals than I have in the narrative, as if musical phrases are actual characters but Frank kept their names secret from us.  These musical phases that I'm referring to are so prolific throughout his catalog, that there have been times that I felt a little jipped, if you know what I mean?  <br><br>But Hey!  Mabey all these "noises" and "phrases" and other "re-appearing characters" really do serve a deeper purpose than just trying to strech a 30 album catalog into a 70 album catalog.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 4:47 pm 
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jethro tull conceptual continuity

from skating away on the thin ice of a new day:
...looking for a sign
that the universal mind
has written you
into the passion play

from cross-eyed mary:
...or maybe her attention
is drawn by aqualung,
who watches through the railings
as they play


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