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PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2002 9:43 am 

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I am 18 and have been listening to FZ since I was 15 and I am sorry but I wouldn't touch a Zappa remix with a barge pole.  Why remix something that is already fantastic?  Give it a 'phat beat' and give it some god aweful scrathing ect.   Messing with FZ is sacralige as far as I am concerned it would be like remixing Stravinsky's 'Le Sacre Du Pretemps' you just don't do it.  Admittedly I don't speak for the youth culture as a whole because very few people that I know have the same musical taste that I do.  But Zappa hip hop? No no no no no.  Write your own music.<br><br>I might of course have got the wrong end of the stick and I haven't listened to your re-mixes so this may be a bit harsh but it sumizes my initial knee-jerk reaction to the idea.  It would be turning the sublime into the moronic or at best it wouldn't be the original.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2002 2:03 pm 

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The bottom line is you are taking good music and trashing it, without the consent of it's creator. That some of us would call this thievery, butchery, stupidity, insanity, and an act of people who are incapable of creating something totally on their own without "removing" it from someone with true talent, well I guess that means nothing to the generation that takes its music for free by downloading it from their little computers. They have no respect for the artists and their creations, don't care if they get paid for their work or not, they just want what they want, irregardless of the musicians' rights. <br>Just look at the Beatles parodies that Zappa did in 88 that have not been released. Sure, we all want them cause they are great, but they won't be released because the owner of the original songs would object, which is that little pervert's right. I don't think Frank would agree with your "project" and I would hope that would be enough to dissuade you.

Live Music, Frank's Music, The Best Music!

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