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PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 9:13 pm 

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I had a long hard day so I will be brief but wanted to say thank you to all the nice people on this forum and for being sincerely tolerant of a neophyte like me.
I will stay out of the political rants emanating from both sides for now but that's not to say that i don't have some very strong options about this subject but I will bite my tongue for now. I will be voting for president for the first time and am so thankful to take part in a Representative Republic type activity.
Its been a real treat listening to this music, some of you may know that i just found out about Frank Zappa from watching 200 motels on netflix with some friends by accident and now it seem I have found a treasure trove of great music. why don't more people know about him ? a little advertising would go a long way and I for one will tell everyone that I will meet about the music of Frank Zappa. :D
I never listened to much of any kind of music it was always just something in the background. never liked the dance seen , more of a nerd i would guess but for me it wasn't really the script of 200 motels that i liked 'some it it was really stupid' but the very very good rock songs like mystery roach and the great guitar playing, man can that man dance.and the long song at the end, cant remember them all but loved it


PostPosted: Sat Jul 21, 2012 10:50 pm 

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Welcome aboard. 200 Motels is kind of an unusual entrance into Zappa as it's pretty esoteric but kudos to you for recognizing something really unique and wonderful. :D

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 7:38 am 

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Welcome aboard ...

And very nice ... review (can I call it that?) ... for 200 Motels.

Consider the time that it was done and the state of the art in rock music was still designed around "pop music", although a lot of it had been broken down by the likes of Hendrix, Janis, Who, Doors and many others.

However, it was at that time, that FM radio got its start, and that was a godsend for Frank Zappa and his music ... because there was no way that KLOS and KMET were going to play it ... until much later ... !!!! ... and even then, only a couple of cuts from Overnight Sensation.

Honestly, that is a really good introduction to Frank's music, because it takes out your idea of what he does and spreads it all over the floor, and that is a good thing.

I happen to think that 200 Motels is one of the best films ever made, mostly because it did what most films could not do, and on top of it, was one of the first films to use VIDEO as not only effects, but also to make the filming of it different. The lenses on a film camera were photography like ... the lenses on a tv camera were NOT photography like, and they always distorted the sides a lot in the early days until these got better. You just about can not see this distortion anymore after 1972 or 1973 or so. But for Frank, the visual side of it all, is what made the "story" ... that the music might not exactly give you within a didactic context (thinking).

Now that you have done that, it really won't matter what you listen to. When you hear Overnight Sensation, it is much more radio-friendly and I often think that it was done so that it WOULD get played in the big stations in Los Angeles ... who had ignored him on purpose.

As an example, the FCC planted in Santa Barbara, several old ladies to count how many "dirty words" KTYD and KCSB and one other station, used during the day, so they had a reson to punish the station for the bad words ... and you know that many folks played the long version of Money (Pink Floyd), on purpose to simply flip off the FCC folks!

They did't win the battle or the war!

Frank was tougher, in that his lyrics continued and never lightened up and even got seriously sad and sick at times ... which I am not sure was necessary, but that was his preference and total attitude of dislike and disgust for a social group that was overly hippocritical and that at the time. pretty much controlled the media and the arts. In those days, rock music could not do "serious music". This began changing in the very late 60's and things like 200 Motels and other works, were a way to show that us youngsters also could do things that were valuable and important.

But today, this should not be an issue. The main problem today is the proliferation of overdone/overused/overabused beats and song formats, with a name of "metal" this or that, or worse ... "prog" something or other, that has a tendency to dilute and not help you be able to define what is music and what is not. A lot of metal these days is just a whole doggydoo about nothing, and the only thing that it has is ... a sound effect on it ... whoopeeedooo ... now you know why Frank did not like the majority of fans that only wanted his guitar! Because most guitar fans are not folks that appreciate music ... they only like a few "songs" and their favorite guitar heroes/gods! And most of them grossly over rated guitar players ... !@!!

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