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PostPosted: Mon Aug 06, 2007 1:13 pm 
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dipshit wrote:
Crudblud wrote:
duchamp wrote:
God, it is soooooooooooo cool to argue and prove you are right about a bands name. Will you be my friend? Hell, will you give me hard anal sex? Man, SOOO fucking cool! I was never allowed to se a copy of the cool book in high school. :cry:

Please shut the hell up before I kill myself!

Go ahead on 'n get it over with then
Find you a bridge 'n take a jump
Just make sure you do it right the first time
'Cause nothin's worse than a Suicide Chump


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 Post subject: Amougies photos
PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2007 9:43 pm 
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There are some great photo's of Amougies on Flickr.

The french photographer does not put any zappa or floyd on his account, but there are photos of Colosseum, Chris Macgregor, John Surman, Aynsly Dunbar, and many other musicians that I know not.

I have found this on a French blog by Monseuier..Jean-Jacques Birgé

THis has been translated from the french:

I succeeded in saving history tapes: Frank Zappa making ox with Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart, Ainsley Dunbar Retaliation, Blossom Toes, Caravan, Sam Apple Magpie… More integrality of the concerts of Software Machine, Ten Years After, Nice, Yes, etc

Good news for Christmas! Following an email of Aymeric Leroy, I had the curiosity of replonger in my files and to try to recover the bands which I had recorded with the Festival of Amougies, the first European festival of music which had been held in Belgium after its prohibition on the French territory. With the program, all the groups referred to above, as Colosseum (I kept only their Valentyne Suite of it), Freedom (Dirty Water), Alexis Korner, Cruciferius, We Free with Guilain, the G.E.R.M. of Pierre Mariétan, Pretty Things, East of Eden, Gong with Daniel Laloux with the Napoleonean drum, etc But the shock was for me the discovery of the free jazz, as of the first evening, with the Art Together of Chicago, pastichant the rockers better than the models! It is necessary to have seen and have heard Joseph Jarman entirely naked with the electric guitar… I was puffed up. Alas, I did not record archie Shepp, Don Cherry, Anthony Braxton, Sunny Murray, Burton Greene, Joachim Kühn with J-F Jenny-Clarke and Jacques Thollot, Alan Silva, Kenneth Terroade, Grachan Moncur III, Dave Burrell, John Surman, Robin Kenyatta, Franck Wright, Steve Lacy, etc I had come for the groups that then one called pop, and of course for Zappa, but I already told this first initiatory meeting in Jazz Magazine. It is besides this article which was worth me the email of Aymeric Leroy, in search of information on Amougies, and possible reported magnetic tapes of the cold…
We slept under the capital, enmitouflés in our sleeping bags, smashed by the music more than by the joints, we were rocked by the orchestras the morning when we crack of sleep and sink in the arms of (M) orphée. The first morning, it is me which discovered the only cold tap where we can clean, behind the bar-restaurant, if I remember well. I had brought the small tape recorder of my Agnès sister, of the reels 8 cm in diameter turning in 4,75 cm/s. very rudimentary Matériel. I was limited by the number of piles and magnetic tapes, by the quality of the microphone. Since a score of years, I could not any more réécouter all that because this seldom accessible speed on my large tape recorders. As I had just digitized the family archives of my partner which went back to the Fifties, I tried the blow. I read in 9,5cm/s the records printer in quarter of mono track for then downwards transposing them of an octave. That slows down at the good speed and at the same time that doubles the length of the duration. That went!
On my cards out of paperboard, it is stipulated that the concert of Software Machine lasts 1h03'23 " (not of Zappa here contrary to certain assumptions of blogs on the Net, but first appearance of coppers). I was already well pinchecorné to specify the duration at this point. No the cut enters the pieces, just small towards the end. It is Mike Ratledge which gives me the idea to add all these pedals on my Farfisa organ. I want to find my sound, I add a modulator out of ring to the wah-wah and distortions. The service of Pink Floyd is of 1h22'41 ": agreement, Astronomy Dominate, Green is the colour and Careful with that axis Eugene, new agreement with Zappa who improvises a score of minutes on Interstellar Overdrive, then return to Set the controls for the heart of secret the sun and A saucerful of! Crowd stresses the borders have of fout with Mouna. Zappa improvises with Ainsley Dunbar Retaliation (6 ' 42), it will engage then the beater in Mothers… The concert of Ten Years After (48 ' 50) is definitely higher than their discs. I am still fascinated by the virtuosity and the freedom of the organ of Keith Emerson with Nice: Intermezzo from the Karelia Continuation, Gift Edito el Gruva, Black and white Country (I have evil to read again my card), Bach' S Brandburger Concerto n°6 in B Flat, Hang one to has dream, Tchaïkovsky' S Pathetic Symphony, She belongs to me, Rondo'69… Zappa improvises with Blossom Toes (25 ' 54); the G.E.R.M. of the horn player Pierre Mariétan interprets the Keyboard Study n°2 of Terrry Riley and Initiative of Mariétan. After a Place of my own, Zappa plays with Caravan on If I could C it all over again, I' D C it all over you (6 ' 46), then the group plays As I feel I die, And I wish I was stoned, Magic man, Reelin' Feelin' Squealin' (I always read again my cards), Where drank for caravan would I, Get Up!. It seems that I erased the concert of Pretty Things, I believe itself to remember their beater climbing the chechmate of the capital while playing. Even thing with Esat of Eden. Zappa plays Moonlight man with Sam Apple Pie, but especially I can réécouter the concert of Captain Beefheart with Frank Zappa! 38 minutes 42 seconds of is delirious: Zappa plays at beginning on She' S too much for my mirror. He presents the group by informing the public which he could miss something if he did not take guard there, he sprinkles the harmonica of Beefheart while this one plays. Station-wagon. Zappa: Captain Bullshit!. Van Vliet: That' S.A. good name. And they begin again. The orchestra interprets My human gets me blues, Wild Life, Hobo Chang Ba, and the twenty final minutes of When Big Joan sets up with Zappa… I already told as I span the barriers and will question F.Z during three fifteen minutes, which will start a succession of meetings in the years which follow, how the Captain crosses me like an ectoplasm… I will wait also thirty years to go to see Robert Wyatt in Louth for Jazz Magazine…
I recorded festival more only only once, it remains me to listen to Zappa and Ponty with Biot! The quality of all these bands obviously leave something to be desired, but the value of file is intact, the music is let listen with the greatest emotion, it is legally not exploitable, damage, some would kill, appears it, father and mother to have them. I am afraid. I leave to put all that in a safe in top of a mountain kept by cruel and sanguinary eagles. One will speak again about it. Merry Christmas with those which read me and which I made dream

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1. On Thursday January 12, 2006 with 21:28, by Jmesnault

You actually found the Graal Saint of the majority of the collectors of music…
Only of knowing that there exists a recording of Ox of Zappa and Floyd the dribble with the lips leaves me…

Can one hope to see that leaving one day?

2. On Friday January 13, 2006 with 00:20, by Yannick

Rhaaa the Graal Saint!
At when the exit?

3. On Friday January 13, 2006 with 10:10, by Jean-Jacques Birgé

Supervise the fabric, one never knows. Certain specialized sites make sometimes the happiness of the archaeologists! It is completely illegal, and thus with difficulty encourageable. It is not in any case any more between my hands… I must still digitize the concert of Zappa with Biot-Valbonne, and an extraordinary cassette which had given me Robert Wyatt. It is a recording of a repetition where the type-setter Edgard Varèse (that who refuses to mourrir) directs Charlie Mingus (bs), Teo Macero (tenor and viola), John Carried It (viola), Don Butterfield (tuba), Eddie Bert (Tb), Art Farmer (tp) and some others (vibes, dms, piano) which play free a few years before its invention, beginning of the Fifties! Historically, that would call in question the history of the music… Varèse and Charles Ives are the two geniuses which invented the contemporary music, without respecting the direct tradition. Schönberg adapts the theories of Bach to the series of twelve sounds. But Ives had already composed a dodecaphonic part. To include/understand the genealogy of Varèse, it will be necessary to refer to Berlioz (that it directed in its youths) or in Rameau. But it is in the urban sounds that the type-setter of '' Déserts '' will draw his inspiration. Then? And if thus the idea of the free jazz returned to that which invented the contemporary music? Already that one owed him the '' electronic Poème '', the mixture orchestrates and magnetic tape, the first piece of percussion of the Western erudite music, the idea of the samplers, and many other visions! To see its discussions with Coal George!
4. On Sunday January 15, 2006 with 03:00, by arthur

Me I had gone there for all those which you did not record, name of a pipe!
Fan of free I was then at 16 years, fan of free I remain (but not that).
This said, Captain with Zappa in the middle of the night, I remember it with a certain emotion also…

Legally not exploitable certainly but it would be rather cocasse which the BYG plunderers launch their lawyers to the cases of that which will publish these bands!

5. On Sunday February 5, 2006 with 14:18, by Alain

I believe only what I see…

6. On Thursday February 16, 2006 with 08:38, by Laure Nbataï

then see there:!!!

7. On Sunday February 19, 2006 with 17:57, by Phil.B

Hello, I recently downloaded since session for which is mentioned the participation of Frank Zappa on the piece “Interstellar Overdrive” of Pink Floyd in Amougies, 25 Octoble 1969.

For my part, it seems to to me well that this version is finally the maid (many “fakes” circulated in the past). I speak about it on my blog:

Is it about the same version as that evoked on this site?


8. On Monday February 20, 2006 with 08:23, by Jean-Jacques Birgé

But as I function with discovered face, I preferred to cover myself (ears) by entrusting to others the “original” bands…
Sat between two chairs, I ardently defend the royalties and, in same time, the principle of circulation of works. It would be normal that having them right charge their fees on all these exchanges while assuming that all that they did (or those which they inherited!) belongs to the world inheritance and that there is thus no moral right revisionist or negationnist who can block passion consumerist of the musicologists and other archaeologists.
The present day to compose refuse to die!

9. On Thursday June 1, 2006 with 00:47, by type-setter

it is brilliant!
zappa is really VERY GOOD!
live the music! : D

10. On Sunday August 20, 2006 with 15:25, by Stimorol

these services (poor qualities) are available in particular on soulseek, I have just downloaded them…

11. On Monday August 21, 2006 with 15:02, by Soneranti

Hello with all.
For a few days one has been able to find on Ebay Cd reprennant this jam mythical between FZ and the PF with Amougies 1969.
Quality is indeed very poor but what a document!! More especially as I was there in Amougies this evening there (and others). Which emotion by listening to this Cd. Impossible to describe.
What surprises me however it is that F.Zappa claimed never not to have made a jam session with PF with Amougies!!??. Disconcerting not? What is necessary it to think about it?
Was FZ it “stone” this day at the point to more be able there to remember that? Very improbable all the same.
If somebody has a comment compared to that, welcome.
Thank you.

12. On Tuesday August 22, 2006 with 08:53, by Jean-Jacques Birgé

To answer your questions, I hope initially who CD which are sold on eBay do not come from the bands that I had recorded at the time. Certain swindlers resell the free remote loadings of or for delirious sums (one of them goes until claiming 356 euros!). Moreover it appears that certain of these recordings do not correspond to reality, but are simple forgeries.

Zappa could “forget” for multiple reasons which can be only diplomatic. It is initially obvious that it is intentional, because it could not forget anything, the more so as there are photographs of the event and not badly of still alive spectators Peut-être simply a question of control?! A piece which escapes to him, whereas it tried to recover all the recordings which relate to it, going until pirating the pirates while leaving the discs itself… Or it was fureux against the festival and tries it to return it to the oubliettes…

Even if Zappa does not tell all (its escapades in love, for example, which is evacuated of all its bios), it practised any other drug forever but tobacco, contrary to step badly of its musicians. And this day, to have discussed with him three fifteen minutes, I confirm that it was in full possession of its means!

13. On Thursday August 24, 2006 with 13:53, by Soneranti

Thank you for your answer.
Then, I do not know if the recording CD bought on Ebay, not to quote it, comes from your original bands but I am persuaded to 99% that it is indeed the festival of Amougies. For various reasons. But good. To be certain it would be necessary for it to reassemble all the die. But it would be bcp of energy for nothing in my opinion.
In addition, it would seem that a film was made of this festival but ever made available. In the trade in any case. Would have, without misusing your time, some infos compared to this “movie”. All my youth *snif*.
Still large a mercy.
Well cordially.

14. On Friday August 25, 2006 with 12:47, by Jean-Jacques Birgé

To start, if you find the true recording of Zappa with Pink Floyd it can act only of my fact, it is confirmed everywhere on the fabric… And twelve hours of the festival recorded by my care were put on line free by some urich21 on the above mentioned sites: the integrals Pink Floyd, Captain Beefheart, Caravan, Blossom Toes, Nice, Ten Years After, etc the film of Jerome Laperrousaz and Jean-Christmas Roy was withdrawn from circulation very quickly, following complaints of various groups of which Pink Floyd. I saw it in 1970 and pfuit, finished!
15. On Friday August 25, 2006 with 13:53, by Soneranti

About the recordings of Amougies it is not me which blamerait the fact that they (finally) appeared “with the large air”. It is even a blessing according to a monk whom I have like friend
On the contrary. You consequently form part of the benefactors of humanity. It is in any case my opinion.
In addition, if I am to you well, I believe capacity to make my mourning be likely one day to see this famous film. Unless you have a seam. But I think that not. Such an amount of worse. One will make with.
Think that I can nevertheless find the others enristrements musical about which you speak higher (Nice, Blossoem Toes…). I was to see on the above mentioned site but without success. Perhaps I do not seek at the good place.
Your suggestions are always the good come.
Still large mercy.

16. On Friday August 25, 2006 with 17:47, by Jean-Jacques Birgé

On dimeadozen, it is necessary to be registered. ... gies&cat=0 It there also or But it is necessary to return sometimes there, because many files seem to be withdrawn. That goes, that comes. These files are found on other sites, has one says me, Google can perhaps help you. ... eg_id=3407 Not so easy to find today again, then good courage and good luck!
17. On Thursday August 31, 2006 with 09:46, by Soneranti

I all the same could dégoter on the fabric a mov of Capt.Beefheart with Amougies. Quality is acceptable.
They is rather sympathetic to view. But I know at all which piece of its repertory it plays. I acknowledge that Capt.B forever really be my cup of tea even if I had the okaz to see it some times at the time of various festivals.
With more.

18. On Tuesday February 20, 2007 with 19:49, by zelty1

I was also in Amougies this evening there and others, when nobody played one heard the band his “come together” of Beatles which had just left and one was entitled to the whole 1st n° of CURRENT which had just left and which spoke about the festival

19. On Wednesday February 21, 2007 with 00:58, by Jean-Jacques Birgé

Yes yes, on my tapes several times the loop of “Come Together is reproduced”, but I did not recopy it on the recordings entrusted to the good care of urich21. One can also hear the interventions of Mouna and the exhortations of spectators boosted against “the cops” of the festival…

20. On Saturday March 3, 2007 with 22:41, by Boscher Gerard

I was present at the festival of Amougies which was held during the holidays of All Saints' day 1969. The musical memories are of course present but the remainder also: the capitals, smashes it in the bar of the village, the grocer, the helicopter which passed in close-cropped mound to monitor these dangerous teenagers impassioned of music (this one had been accomodated by jets of bottles), the guitarist with hair on the scene, Mouna come on its bicycle to bring his message ecologist and peaceful to us: “beat with flowers” “bicycles not of car”.
I seek since many years the number of Current which brings back the festival with photographs. If somebody can send it to me, that would please really to me.

21. On Monday April 9, 2007 with 18:30, by gimmeshelter

I had the occasion of renconter in January the organizer of the festival. IT ensured me that it held tens of hours of audio and video recordings of the festival. It in addition during its life bathed in the music and is with the head of a mountain of files (with Bill Laswell amongst other things). It wishes to put them on line and affirmed me that there would be of Amougies in the batch. This was its project for the 2 years to come….


22. On Sunday May 6, 2007 with 04:07, by George

Of all the festivals Amougies remains that which is unforgettable in our reports, and with Robert Wyatt, we can say: It seems like yesterday….
Fog in the early morning, discussions in the coffee; without crystal ball my predictions for the future were more than exact because it is nothing remained the authentic thought of a true change of company in the respect of the others.
Unforgettable Blossom Toes with “Granny, where is Daddy?” Archie Shepp and his narcotic cornetist and his great formation I still hear them.
The Pop Romanticism of I see you of the YES and this other I see you with which single PRETTY THINGS, awoke a drowsing audience and gave it in form in the middle of the night; these nights of Amougies in cosmic nights illustrated so well by Floyd; it's a pity that their future success: Money worked them already, because it is them and especially their guitarist which blocked films on this festival. With the origin 2 films on the screens in 1970: Amougies Music power and Amougies European Music Revolution. After the withdrawal of the long sequence of Floyd, there were nothing any more but one film with other cuts and this until approximately 1979.
What a pity that these films disappeared due to “Money” bus inter alia extracts there were 2 too short passages of CARAVAN the beginnings of Ace I feel, I die and of And I wish I was Stoned but also 2 long passages of SOFTWARE MACHINE including one unequalled Eamon Andrew. The service of the SOFTWARE will remain unequalled besides and on the 12 concerts to which I assisted, that of Amougies is the best by far.
As for CARAVAN the melodies in this concert, are registered in my memory for always.

23. On Sunday May 6, 2007 with 04:13, by George

I am interested by the concert of the SOFTWARE MACHINE
Thank you In advance
Jean-Jacques, I benefit from it to send my friendly and musical thoughts to you.

24. On Friday July 13, 2007 with 08:42, by Domenica

large thank you for these recordings charged D history

25. On Monday July 16, 2007 with 15:22, by Lucien Suel

I was also in Amougies in 1969. Thank you for all that I have just read on this blog, the article and its comments. I wrote myself there are a few years my memories of this festival founder.
Friendships with all

26. On Tuesday July 17, 2007 with 10:48, by Jean-Jacques Birgé

Thank you very much for this invaluable testimony. We had to cross us when I spanned the barriers which surrounded the scene, side court!

To add a comment

A Blanket in my Muesli. A Blanket in my what??

He's a CEO for Chrissakes!

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PostPosted: Thu Nov 22, 2007 6:37 pm 
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I don't know what all you guys are talking about but Zappa
with Pink Floyd was really pretty crappy!
Have a listen to Frank's participation with CARAVAN.
It's WAY more interesting!

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 1:56 pm 
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A rather elegant portrait of the man whilst remaining pissed off.

A Blanket in my Muesli. A Blanket in my what??

He's a CEO for Chrissakes!

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:00 pm 
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What a fine photo!!!!

"Everybody in this room is wearing a uniform, and don't kid yourself" - FZ

PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 2:02 pm 
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Isaac wrote:
wheatgurm wrote:
Strange thing is, according to Frank, it never happened(him playing w\ the Floyd).

That's because it never happened.


Sorry, couldn't resist. We all make mistakes! Don't flag him for it!

"Everybody in this room is wearing a uniform, and don't kid yourself" - FZ

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 6:59 pm 
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Now, if Frank ever played with Kiss, that wuld be so cool!!!111

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Wed Mar 12, 2008 9:00 pm 
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calvin2hikers wrote:
Now, if Frank ever played with Kiss, that wuld be so cool!!!111

Zappa only played with himself.

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