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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 9:47 am 

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zoinks wrote:
I'm pretty tired of looking at all the CDs that I never listen to anymore. I have Amazon, Emusic and iTunes mp3s filling my computer and an external harddrive. I don't even listen to 99% of my CDs because I can not be bothered to insert them into the computer, rip them to mp3 and then put them back on the shelf. Kinda crazy, but true. Those cds used to be so important to me, too. Funny to think how little they must mean in reality. It's probably been a decade since I really looked at them. Now, I wish I had ripped them and sold them when they were still worth something.

I have over 1500, maybe 2k cd's ... and I know that many of them are ... just as much a part of me ... as the music is!!!

If ... you listen to the music with interest, appreciation and ... not just because it was a hit or is a favorite of yours ... I think that you will have the appreciation for the beauty of the music ... and how it got to you, and how it can inspire you.

IF ... all the music does for you is fill out the space at work, or while you are supposed to be studying and you are not really paying attention to the "expererience" in the music ... then WTF ... are you wasting money on CD's for? The fidelity and the quality of it all is not an issue or important to you anyway ... and you are just passing out time.

It is all about the depth, the beauty, the need, the God'ness ... there are no words for it ... about it all ... and it could be said that some get off on it from Van Halen, to Frank Zappa to Lou Reed to ... who cares anyone ... but somewhere along the way, the music inside is going to tell you a story ... and in most music ... that story dies out quickly ... like a song about the teacher ... little short on a porno is more fun! ... but Turandot will stay in your head for quite a bit longer! ... and maybe then you can notice how simple and childish 90% of all rock music is ... and find things that are more satisfying for your listening pleasure.

But, in about 10 years, there won't be any more CD's of DVD's ... and I think that is a great thing ... as it will be ALL digital and that's that. On that day, most bands will learn, very quickly to take control of their work and do so fast.

You might notice that agreement between the Zappa trust and the distributor ... and I think that someone got smart and said ... look you two idiots ... get this resolved with or without a BJ (real or otherwise!) ... because time is passing and you are wasting precious revenue! END of STORY!

In fact, if I was the trust I would start looking for various encriptions and use one that only allows for 5 copies (let's say) and a copy of a copy does not have that code, and then go 100% digital. Might as well lead the way!

PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2012 12:55 pm 

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Ringo wrote:
All that matters to me is the fucking music. Don't care for CD's gathering dust on a shelf. Don't care for manufacturing costs, don't care for distributions costs, warehouse and shipping costs. You can stick all that up your ass.

Access to the music within seconds for a fair fee is Fucking Great.

For all the old farts desperately hanging on to the old ways I give you this advice.

Buy a big external hard drive for your computer. Begin filling it with audio (mp3, flac, wav, whatever) and organize your collection into folders by artist/album/songs. This will help satisfy your collecting mentality. Buy a 2nd hard drive and back the thing up now and then.

Now buy the best Wi-fi music player you can afford. Logitech squeezebox type thing and hook it up to you super dooper sound system where you normaly play your CD's, Plastic, Wax Cylinders etc.

Now enjoy access to your music collection as you have never done before. Trust me, you won't ever look back!

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