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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 5:22 am 
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Track listing

side one

1. "Opus I: No. 1 First Movement: Andante" – 3:32
2. "No. 1 2nd Movement: Allegro con brio" – 1:27
3. "No. 2 1st Movement: Andantino" – 2:14
4. "No. 2 2nd Movement: Minuetto grazioso" – 2:04
5. "No. 3 1st Movement: Andantino" – 1:52
6. "No. 3 2nd Movement: Presto" – 1:50
7. "No. 4 1st Movement: Andante" – 2:20
8. "No. 4 2nd Movement: Allegro" – 3:04
9. "No. 5 2nd Movement: Minuetto grazioso" – 2:29
10. "No. 6 1st Movement: Largo" – 2:08
11. "No. 6 2nd Movement: Minuet" – 2:03

side two

1. "Opus IV: No. 1 1st Movement: Andantino" – 2:47
2. "No. 1 2nd Movement: Allegro assai" – 2:02
3. "No. 2 2nd Movement: Allegro assai" – 1:20
4. "No. 3 1st Movement: Andante" – 2:24
5. "No. 3 2st Movement: Tempo di minuetto" – 2:00
6. "No. 4 1st Movement: Minuetto" – 2:10

PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 6:42 am 
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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 9:26 am 

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Date: April 1st 2009
Source: Associated Newsfeeds

The Zappa Family Trust today announced plans for a forthcoming 'Zappa plays Zappa' tour will be subtitled 'The Ill-Tempered Synclavier'

The tour will feature Dweezil sitting at the console of the New England Digital solutions Synclavier Mark II, and hitting the play button on selected tracks from the back-catalogue of Frank Zappa. In this way, fans of the senior Zappa's music will be able to hear the music as written by the man performed in the way he intended it.

Dweezil has carefully canvassed the opinions of the fanbase, and will therefore be devoting the majority of the sets to extracts from Francesco Zappa, and Thing-Fish.

"I think the fans deserve to hear Frank's music the way he intended" says Dweezil. "I've even located the original IBM speech synthesis box he used for the Crab Grass Baby in Thing-Fish, so that will be featured prominently. In fact, this tour, I won't be taking any other musicians along, and I don't even intend playing the guitar."

To coincide with the tour, it is understood that a special, 4-CD version of Franceso Zappa is being released. "When we were digging around in the vault, we found all these really cool tapes of the Synclavier playing things like Sinister Footwear, and Mo n Herbs Vacation. Right next to them were all these different mixes of the pieces that ended up on Francesco Zappa, so we figured that it might be interesting to create a kind of 'making-of' documentary, like we did with the MOFO and Lumpy Money releases" says Joe Travers, Vaultmeister, "it's going to be really exciting!"

<end newsfeed>

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