Selected Works and Arrangements for Orchestra and
Chamber Orchestra by Frank Zappa are now available
for performance rental through Schott/EAM.
Send an e-mail with your request to:
Rental inquiries: Doriana Molla
Promotion inquiries: Chris Watford

Musics by Frank Zappa are also available for certain Grand Rights performances by Columbia Artists Management Inc. (CAMI).

For all other inquiries, including Grand Rights, permissions to arrange, license and other similar requests, please contact Munchkin Music directly at

For instrumentation and other information see links below.

The Works by Frank Zappa:

Frank Zappa Arrangements:

Ali N. Askin Orchestrations/Adaptations:

Jon Nelson Arrangements:

“‘The present-day composer refuses to die...’ Edgard Varese”
- Frank Zappa

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