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 Post subject: 2 December 2010: Reno, NV
PostPosted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:35 am 
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Did you attend the ZPZ show at The Knitting Factory in Reno, NV?

Dweezil and the band love reading your reviews.

Please do not post in this thread if you did not attend the show.

Mikey Webmeister

 Post subject: Re: 2 December 2010: Reno, NV
PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2010 4:46 pm 

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Luscious Liz and I brought ALL my 5 kids down to Reno, and 2 daughter-in-laws and one adopted and Birthday Boy Brian jumped in to make it "go to 11" of us from Lake Tahoe. You guys get better and better each year ... BRAVO!! The highlight of the show, of course was when our little Beth got up on stage and tore it up. She is ready to join the band whenever you need. My 16 year old daughter, Sarah, enjoyed Justin Bieber just a few weeks ago in Reno, not necessarily a Zappa Fan like her brothers. I asked her afterwards if Dweezil was cuter than her Justin. She did not want to go that far but she did say you were cuter than your dad.
The songs were great the playing was brilliant the video was amazing. Not great acoustics there and a couple of technical hic ups didn't really matter as we were in front of the stage right in the band's lap . Great fun and very exciting time for ALL OF US !! We all love so many different musics, but when you are a Zappa Fan nothing satisfies like Frank. Thank you
and as always "MORE SHEILA!!"

 Post subject: Re: 2 December 2010: Reno, NV
PostPosted: Sun Dec 05, 2010 5:34 am 

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The Reno show was awesome. I thought this was much better than the first time we saw ZPZ in Redding back in March of '09. The performance at that show was great, and it was so cool to see "Billy The Mountain" performed in its entirety. I didn't think I would ever be witness to such a spectacle in this life - thanks! But the sound was really muddy at that show. It could have been the seats we had - just under the balcony in the back - maybe the sound was bouncing around under there or something. I don't know, but it was pretty bad with the low notes. It seemed to be the worst whenever Joe hit his floor tom(s). It also got to be very loud at points, especially toward the end.

The sound was excellent at The Knitting Factory - at least from where I was standing - which was about twenty feet out from Stage Left. It never got muddy, and I was amazed and very pleased that the sound did NOT get too loud.

As a group, and individually, the performances were simply fantastic. You guys have definitely put in the time necessary to play this shit properly and it shows. Everyone seemed to be relaxed and having a good time, and that was reflected in the playing and solos.

Dweezil, your rack of components is surely a sight to behold. Really nice stuff you got in there. It sounds great and the pretty lights are like really groovy, but it would have been much nicer to see Mr. Hulting doing his job instead of your freakin' rack. I managed to work my way up toward the front to see the magic of the mallets on display during RDNZL, but if we'd been stuck in seats I would have been really pissed. Maybe you can get two shorter ones, or elevate the Percussion Section up to Joe's level. Just saying...

Joe, you're probably the most underrated drummer I've ever seen, and I've been onto you for decades now - from your humble beginnings as the Vaultmeister, to your work with "Z" and eventually Keneally and others. Your vocals and silly banter on the DVD and on "Billy The Mountain" last year, earned you many extra points, so I was disappointed your 'pipes' weren't featured as much this time around. But my only complaint would be with the drum mix (which probably isn't your fault at all). I saw those fancy overheads you had up there - occasionally reflecting like tweezer glint - but I couldn't hear a lot of the cymbals.

Bottom Line:
Well, if I was Carl Brutanandilewski of Aqua Teen Hunger Force fame, I would probably say something like "fricken awesome" or maybe "wycked cool" to describe my sentiments, but alas (and fortunately) I am not, so I will instead say that the experience was "tremendjous . . . simply tremendjous".

People, if you haven't seen these guys yet, you're really fucking up in life. We drove three and a half friggin' hours to see this show and it was well worth it.

Thanks for keeping Frank's music alive and accessible.

(the whack job drummer from Magalia)

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