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 Post subject: 24 June 2006: San Francisco, CA
PostPosted: Sat Jun 24, 2006 3:28 pm 
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Did you attend this show at the Warfield in San Francisco?

Post your impressions/photos/reviews here.

Please do not post in this thread if you did not attend this show.

Thanks! Admin

 Post subject: MUSIC IS BEST ! ! ! EVEN BETTER LIVE ! ! !
PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 7:08 am 

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I left the show saying to my buddy, "I have nothing more to add. I'm almost speechless."

At this point, in the direct afterglow of the show, I'm thinking that was the best concert I've ever seen. And how could it not be. Just about any other show I've seen has been a derivitave of the material that was performed tonight.

There was impossible density of musical variety and expression.

Having been turned onto Zappa's music at an early age, hearing it eminate from my father's stereo, the show activated some incredibly primal areas of my developmental nervous system. It was pleasing beyond measure to be surrounded by the spontaneus creation of those songs that are encoded in my brain since such an early time.

And the way they blended video of FZ playing, including a multi media jam was subtle, tasteful, and beautiful. All in all, an amazing show.

Amazing to see NMBrock, Vai, TB in the flesh, for the first time, as well.

Dweezil though, in his humble way, was certainly the glue that carried the band through a range of songs that touched a great range of highs and lows.

Thanks to my parents for seeing the show in Chicago, and leaving me a message on my answering machine that went, "See that show!"

And believe it or not, Dweezil announced that maybe they'll do this annualy, since they have around 70 albums of material to pull from! Go for it!

Thank you to everyone that made this show possible, and the super positive crowd at the Warfield.

 Post subject: The Zappa Plays Zappa Gig!
PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 9:44 am 

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Dweezil ZAPPA!!! Dweezil ZAPPA!!! Dweezil ZAPPA!!! Dweezil ZAPPA!!! Dweezil ZAPPA!!! Dweezil ZAPPA!!!-Napolean Murphy Brock
Zappa Plays Zappa: San Francisco

This concert was so arpeggio, I don't think I have the words. I loved every single second of it. Well, where should I start? I think the concert started around 8:20 p.m. and ended at 11:30 p.m. Down comes the screen and the credits rolled for Montana/ Dupree's Surprise from the Roxy in 1973. Napolean comes out with a with a white jumpsuit and then Ruth is shown with her half shirt. George Duke then warms up the keyboard. The sickest thing in the video was when Frank came on, the camera panned down to his shoes. Those boots were so pimpin', it caused me to smile. As the video finished, out came the band with Imaginary Diseases. I never heard of this song. It sounded great to me though, no complaints. I then stuck in my earplugs, it was a good move.
In my nose I could smell the hippy weed all of the time. I hate that shit. Everyone was smoking it, but me and some other smart ones. But here is what I witnessed.

Hungry Freaks, Daddy -my favorite oldie, Napolean was a riot.
Let's Make The Water Turn Black -Napolean's voice cracked a little.
Florentine Pogen -I heard Shelia belt out something and I went WOW!!
Pygmy Twylyte -Joe was on fire, his drums sound so clean and pure.
The Idiot Bastard Son -Napolean was funny.
Cheepnis -Joe was so funny with the nuclear force story.
Don't Eat the Yellow Snow -Napolean kept screaming like a girl and grabbing his crotch and asshole. It was in tune with the beat I say.
King Kong/Filthy Habits -Was very entertaining with Dweezil pointing to Joe and Peter then to Billy. Joe played the little cymbal when Dweezil signed the burning hand symbol and Billy played the little gong. It was so funny when Dweezil caught Joe banging the little cymbal when he didn't want him to yet. Peter played the bass like Les Claypool does in Pork Soda. Everyone had a solo op.
St. Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast -Aarons bugle was so loud, it was sick.
Eat That Question -Aaron was on fire. Then Dweezil brought out Warren DeMartini from RATT!! They dueled for 10 minuets.
Inca Roads -Dweezil said it took him 2 years to learn this one. It's his favorite song to play.
I'm So Cute -After Terry apologizes for being hurt and not being able to play the drums, he says "I sure hope that I don't let anyone down in the drumming community." This song was so flippin' loud. I loved it. I have more to say about Terry below.
Tryin' to Grown a Chin -Terry excells in stage presence. He has the whole Henry Rollins stance. He jumps up and down like he's 20. He was so funny with the other guys.
Punky's Whips -Terry admitted his love for Punky. Terry then got behind the kit and drummed one handed. He loves his cymbals. One sounds like a firework sound. But, Terry said that he asked Napolean where he got all his energy from. Napolean's answer was Ginseng!
Peaches en Regalia -Dweezil said this song put him to sleep when he was on tour with Frank. Its food for your ears. The shortest song of the night.
Montana -Napolean with his tweezers on the pygmy pony. Shelia with back up vocals was perfect. Terry is covering his face and fidgiting on the side of the stage. He looked like he was nervous or just being supportive until it was his turn again.
Village of the Sun -Napolean sounded a little firm on vocals.
Enchidna's Arf (of you) -Aaron with bugle and Billy playing vibes was insane.
Zomby Woof -Does Steve Vai know that he blows doors on guitar? He cranked up his amp so much, my face melted. He plays so fast, so good, and inventive. I was in awe the whole time, he didn't want to stop playing. When Steve played his guitar quietly, some jerk yelled out, "Fuck You," and that wasn't cool. Big standing O.
Black Pages Part 1 -Terry returns to the kit one handed and duels Joe. Terry was so fast and powerful. He could have exploded his other bicep. Insane duel and song. Joe was sick when he had his solo time. The beats were like a machine gun, firing out in order.
Chunga's Revenge -The screen comes down and Dweezil starts strumming and Joe plays the drums in sync. Then Dweezil stops and we here Frank and Joe play together only. Dweezil ends it with a new ending.


Out comes...

Oh No
Orange County Lumber Truck



Dweezil brings out his mom, Gail Zappa!!!
She and Dweezil end it with a jump in the air and BANG! Over.

Dweezil then names everyone in the band, then Napolean says, "Dweezil ZAPPA, Dweezil ZAPPA, Dweezil ZAPPA, Dweezil ZAPPA, Dweezil ZAPPA, Dweezil ZAPPA, Dweezil ZAPPA, it was emotional each time when he said ZAPPA. Everyone went nuts. Lights went off and on each time. Dweezil did his royal wave goodbye. Everyone was off stage except for Napolean. He got the last laugh. He Hissed at the front row or something funny like that. Fade out music.

What a night. I had a blast. I was a little sweaty from sitting in my balcony seat. I didn't bring my camera or phone. I was old school. The memory will be in my head forever. I went to the stage and people got setlists. I saw Aaron give out the last one. I was left with nothing but my new tour shirt I bought before the show. Outside, I passed a hundred bums and dime bag pushers. Do something GAVIN!!! Open the mental institutions again Bush!

Terry Bozzio. I thought Terry blew everyone there out of the water. He is my MVP. His skill is unmatched. He plays and sings with so much passion. He told us that Frank would have wanted him to participate somehow, and he did it in a big way. Terry, I am not worthy. You showed a lot of balls. One handed is not easy, but it came naturally for you. Did you call up Rick Allen from Def Leppard for advice? Terry, I hope that your arm recovers and that you may play again with Dweezil.

That's it folks.

Wilma Handu

 Post subject: Z on Z
PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 3:16 pm 

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All I can say is WOW! What a show.

I've been a fan of FZ since the first time I heard overnight Sensation in 1974. Saw him in Chicago, 1975 @ The Auditorium Theatre, but I must say that I enjoyed last night show in SF more.

The setlist was incredible. Many songs gave me goosebumps, and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. There are soooo many great songs that were played it's hard to pick out favorites. Inca Roads has always been one of my fav's, and they did a great job playing it. Other highlights were Florentine Pogen, Montana, Chunga's Revenge, and I've always loved Sofa #1.

If they are coming to a City near you in October, GO! You wont be disappointed!

Hayward, CA

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 3:49 pm 

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What can i say. That was the most awsome show i have seen. Dweezil, you are the man. And to Gail, thank yo very much for a wonderful evening.Please come back to play S.F. in the fall. I went with a friend of mine and we had tears streaming down our faces all night long.
Bring Ray White out next time since he lives in the bay area.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Sun Jun 25, 2006 5:38 pm 

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I took a lot of photos at the show tonight - some came out better than others, as you can see! I like how a lot of them came out though. ;) Hopefully you will too! I uploaded them in sequential order. (I have more, but I just uploaded the best. 50 pictures here for your perusal though is not bad!) ... again/ZPZ/

And a note about picture 23.jpg - I'd like to ask you to all take a close look at this. As you can see, there's a whiteish circle that appeared when I took the picture. Seems like no big deal, right? Well look CLOSELY at it. The lower half, particularly. Does anyone else see Frank's face in this?! I can make a copy of the picture, re-upload it, and circle the area I'm talking about if you don't see it. All I know is, I was uploading these photos, and happened to notice THAT...weird, no? And I swear to you that this photo was in no way, shape or form edited. Not even cropped.

(Photos belong to Jennifer Abraham. Please do not use or save without first asking my consent.)

 Post subject: Music is the best!
PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:16 am 

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I attended the show at the Warfield with my two daughters, we all walked out with huge smiles. As a long time Zappa fan it was no surprise to see Napoleon, Steve Vai and Terry Bozzio put out smoking hot air-sculptures. I have not seen Dweezil play nor heard any of the other band members, other than Joe Travers whom I saw play with Mike Keneally.
The musicianship was absolutely the best you could ever expect at a rock show. The sound quality was superb without being overly loud. Having seen Frank many times since 1973, and as fan who listens to some form of FZ music daily (yes, daily...) I wasn't sure what to expect other than enjoying some live FZ music performed by people who know it best. I came away smiling. There were parts of the show that literally made me choke up... If you were there, you know what I mean. The video clips of FZ performances, the set list, the musicians; it was all so thoughtfully and artfully presented that I was absolutely blown away.
Major kudos to Dweezil, Gail and the Zappa Family Trust for the Conceptual Continuity of the show in its entirety. Major kudos to all the performers whose passion and musical abilities were showcased and presented by this unique composer's ability to challenge and bring out the best in his musicians at every opportunity. The musicians clearly love what they do and have a clear understanding of the man and his music. They not only performed well, technically, but they also put the "eyebrows" on every piece. Every show will have a few "warts" but that's part of what makes each show a unique work in and of itself.
Dweezil clearly is ready to take the lead role in bringing his father's music to the masses with a passion, intensity and technical knowledge that Frank and every FZ family member, band alum, etc. can be proud of. No one could do it better. The new members of the band were awesome. Scheila Gonzalez was incredible. Watching her play four instruments at different intervals in one song along with singing back-up vocals was a real treat. She's a beautiful woman with a stage presence that defies her age. But it is her musical ability that stands out. It was just a joy to have a woman's presence onstage that added so much to the performance. Her big sax solo literally brought tears to my eyes. Aaron's keyboards and trumpet playing was as equally amazing. As was Billy's percussion playing, Pete's bass work (absolutely SOLID was he...) Jaime Kime on guitar and what can I say about Joe on drums... Mr. Travers continues to impress me with his calmness, stage presence and BLISTERING ability to make playing the drums look easy yet sound so amazingly complex. Terry Bozzio was still amazing playing one-armed; he plays the drums as an instrument, not just as a rhythm-producing device. Steve Vai has transcended guitar playing to the same level that Terry has brought drumming. And Napoleon, what can be said about that guy that could do him justice? If peole said that Clapton was God during the 60's then Napoleon can only be related to as some sort of Zen master. I love that guy. His ability to make people feel great through music is right up there with Louis Armstrong and other American icons who made people smile with their joyous methods and abilities.
Dweezil was so humble about the whole performance, it was almost breathtaking. He obviously enjoyed playing the music, interacting with the other musicians and the crowd so much... let's just say "he get's it", the whole schebang. The performance ranks up there as one of the best I've ever had the privilege of attending. One that makes you feel you've seen and heard the absolute pinnacle of human ability to present the art form of music.
Thank you Dweezil, ZFT and the musicians who performed last night. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I got to share with my daughters who have grown up with Frank's music and my love for it. You were successful in bringing Frank's music to a new generation and making a life-long fan extremely happy. What could be better? I look forward to more shows. It's worth every effort to make it happen. Music is the best.

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 2:58 am 

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Location: No. California
My husband and I went and were blown away. We were in the balcony, front row right next to the mix panel (had to make sure I didn't lean too far or I would have fallen on the people below)...couldn't have had better seats. I'm awful at giving synopses so I'll just share what I felt:

Generally, I was fine through most of it. I tend to zone when I get into Frankland so I was in my usual FZ autopilot, with little intermittant realizations that I was actually seeing this LIVE and not just watching Baby Snakes again for the umpty-thousandth time. But I eventually came alive when I started paying attention to audience members faces, seeing the crowd literally pulsate with the beat, and realizing slowly that the band was responding to US. Wow. That was surreal. But for the most part, I was fine...until the screen came down again toward the end and they started to play with Frank. That's when I lost it, and didn't get it back until about 15 minutes after the concert was over. A complete blubbering mess.

The thing that got me most was realizing that the whole thing was getting to Dweezil. Sounds totally stupid but I was raised on Zappa (thanks to my own dear Dad) and born the same year as Dweezil so it was unthinkable for us not to be there last night. It was a heady, wonderful experience and I feel so unbelievably fortunate to have witnessed and been part of it. We will absolutely be there annually so please please come back to SF again! It was intense. Really fucking intense!

Dweezil, Gail, Diva, Ahmet, Moon, NMB, Steve, Terry, Joe, Scheila, Aaron, Pete, Billy, Jaime, and anyone I've missed...I hope you know how much this meant to us and felt our love. Awesome job, everyone.

At the risk of sounding trite or lame, regardless, it's from the heart: Frank was there. I felt it. I know you did too. Keep carrying the flag cuz we'll certainly keep saluting. For what it's worth, we have a 9 year old daughter (who came dangerously close to being named Diva, btw) and she's been singing Brown Shoes Don't Make It since she was 3. :wink:

FZ's music is the best! XXOO

 Post subject: SF show 6/24/06
PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 5:37 am 

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Words cannot do this show justice. Simply put: It was beautiful.

 Post subject: Simply the Best show
PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 4:58 pm 

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WOW - what a show. I have been to several concerts and this show topped all of them. The whole band was great and Dweezil has put together a first class set of his father's music. I am looking forward to a DVD / CD from the show and also look forward to future shows!

 Post subject: amazing show!
PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 7:45 pm 

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Not many people would accidentally go to a Zappa concert. As lovers of Zappa's music we all know that it is an aquired taste at first, not necessarily music for the mainstream. I was lucky enough to see 6 different live shows with 6 completely different bands during the 70's and I don't recall FZ having a better band than the one DZ assembled for this tour. Thanks to DZ and family for making this music available to us, please continue touring!!!

 Post subject: Re: amazing show!
PostPosted: Mon Jun 26, 2006 10:45 pm 

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[quote="rblooz"]Not many people would accidentally go to a Zappa concert. As lovers of Zappa's music we all know that it is an aquired taste at first, not necessarily music for the mainstream.

I was just having a conversation with an aquaintance concerning Zappa's music. I began by saying "It's an aquired taste... Then I retracted that immediately with "When somebody turns you on to Frank Zappa by playing a record (for me at the time), you usually immediately go "WOW! What the fuck is this!?" or "This shit is stupid, and so are you!"
I don't think you aquire a taste for Zappa in as much as there are really no "casual" Zappa listeners. You're either all the way in or all the way out.
Just my humble opinion.
31 years ago, my older brother's friend played parts of Billy The Mountain and Fillmore East for my impressional 15 year old mind. Within a scant few months I owned at least 10 Zappa/Mothers albums and never stopped buying and listening. I've spent way too much $ on crappy sounding bootlegs back in the day, but don't regret it. Zappa is Zappa. It's all good.
Long live Zappa and Dweezil playing Zappa Plays Zappa!
Zappa Music Is THE BEST
-Zolar Czakl in Boston

 Post subject:
PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 2:21 am 

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Location: Carson City, NV
I drove down from Nevada to see the show. It's been a long time since I've seen any of Frank's music live. I took my wife, my 19 yr old son, and my 16 yr. old daughter along. They have been exposed to Frank from a young age, (my kids not my wife) :), but were still not sure what to expect.

My son, who is in a garage band, was amazed. I think he's a fan for life. My daughter, who is very independent, and enjoys anything I don't, said that it was a great show. She said that the music was complex, and the people in the band were very talented. (Hey, it's a start!)

I just cried.

BTW....Suzi, my wife, would like to make a request. Please play "Muffin Man" next time. It's the heavy song that got her attention. (She's a bit younger than me and a Metallica freak). :)


 Post subject: The effects of such a show on a well adjusted me!
PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:01 am 

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Location: Oregon
Bravo! I repeat myself. Bravisimo! The Dweez has surely made his father proud. Gail has a fine young son to be proud of for sure. I could not possibly thank the Zappa family enough for the evening of very fine talented musicians playing what was once my breath for life. Now again I am able to inhale the pleasure of sound music.

I have longed for didbits from the master over the years. But all sound bites leave me itching for more of the subtle hints that Frank had made vividly clear to me live in concert. I scratched myself, having no real itch, but the addiction of his music made me do it again, and again, proding, poking, writing e-mails to the vaultmiester requesting something I did not know how to pronounce. His replies had left me not in the dark at all, but warm about the fellings we all shared of the loss. Thanks Joe! And thanks for a profound performance as well.

Now thats what I'm talking about! I believe that these words that came out of my mouth after the first song were of hungerstruct reactions of a man who has not only sighed at the times of no real music but swallowing a savery piece of non-fat unmitagated meaty piece of soundflesh. Strange diet you may say? To you I say go have another 1/4er pounder and try to supersize that and go home and say your full.

I was pleasently plump after the second song, remembering the video menu of Frank I had had for an apitizer, I could tell the main course was still had yet to come. As I consumed a little more sound I reached out for my brother to touch me, pinch me, or something, so that I would know it was real.....He was crying... I started to shed water myself but it was because I could not stop moving to the music and wanting to sing every lyric. But I didn't because I was breathing through my ears and did not want to sufficate the air I was receiving. So I listened again, and cried too.

The evening had progressed further into a banquet feast set for a Warfield of Kings. I applaud each and every one the cast and crew for a job well done, nothing medium rare, or over cooked at all. I had projected my vocabulistec gestures at every projected break. I meant to gesture to Sheila Gonzales about a bite of real saxy sound food she shared with us, but I was in the middle of a swallow and had to force it down. Tremendous performance from a fine side dish. Aaron Arntz you had a fine evening your self up there, pleased to sample your keys. Terry Bozzio your still handsom least to say still very cute, and beat a fine stick, your a bread winner for sure. Just remember one loaf at a time. Treat your self with kindness my friend, take it easy and Get better!!! Steve Via your sick, if you were any fatter on that guitar you would hide yourself. Don't get me wrong, you had some of the sweeter meat for a treat. Now to get the vibes straight, Billy Hulting had a little itty bitty symbol that said I'm here now eat me, or was it let-us pray. Either way you were swift and smoth. Jamie Kime are you shy? your guitar shined brightly on the nights meal my friend and am glad to call you part of my family of food. Pete Griffin you my man stuck to the ribs, meaty, chewy, savory lip spankin bottom of the tummy boss. Thanks for holding grace with us.
Napoleon Murphy Brock you made me laugh and helped me cry harder than I have in years. You were moving nicely around the dining hall. I love the fact as my brother said:
He's still Black!
Back in black or not you still left a sweet tast in my mouth that wasn't distilled or cheep.

Dweezil I will see you again I'm sure. Your acknowledgement of the audience was as if you were catching a glimpse through your fathers eyes. The Brows have it. Your uncommonly keen sence of awareness have bestowed you a stage presence which is yours alone and can be no one others. You belong to the healing of hearts that have been partially mended by your kind deeds, you served it up well, very well. I did not listen to anything at all as I drove home to Oregon after the show except for the best music in this world today in my head. I was glad to paticipate with the audience adding the cheez across the top gesture. I'm fed for slaughter and now and I'm going to serve up my new sound thoughts to everyone who has the receptive ear and profess once again to all in the world who would like to hear really fine musicians, "MUSIC IS THE BEST"

I would like to let you know that Lynn of the Warfield Staff upgraded our nose bleed seats because of my Brothers walking cane and slow ascent up the stairs to the balcony. He has been attending Franks shows as early as the El Monte days, (some legeon stadium if I recallcorrectly). We were placed just off center house to the left at a table with a coctail waitress. The person who was at the table asked if I would trade my pass for one of more significant sound value, three tables closer to the center. It may as well have been front row center with seating for us. This may be my brothers last attending of a ZDZ show. Although he has aquired a ticket for N.Y. my hopes live strong that his liver will last. We had one of the camera men film the opening of the show from our table. This couldn't have made it more memorable for each of us.

My first attendance of a performance by the miestro was in Los Angeles seventy something I think it was and was hooked I had heard of Stink Foot but more trouble everyday very much peaked my interests. I made Franks aquaintence in Reno some years ago as stage manager, Frank requested Cashews & Winstons, what a diet. Then during the sound check before the performance Frank with ensemble played Cherry Pie for a small but largely in-tune stage crew in the middle of the coliseum floor, We were all very very super charged to witness this talent of delight. There was not very many people in attendance for the show that night. But it was good, very good, it may have been the pinnacle of my life at that juncture. At the evenings end music mayhem Frank said:
Where is everybody? They will never know what thay missed.
I had also made a trip to the Universal Amphitheatre where I searched for, and found, my friend Denny Dent to wish him well opening for Frank. It was there that I witnessed the pre-incarnation of the Dweez. Filthy habbits that boy had even back then with that green guitar. But I'm just a Singer in the Woods, so please excuse me while I find that can. I still need that can!
I love you all for the truly great breath of sound music, which has given me a new vigor for life as we know it!
Thank you Gail for the real men in your life!!!
Thanks to Frank for the humor in music!
Thank you Dweezil for stepping up to the plate and hittig a home run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Zappa Does Zappa!
Music is the Best

Music IS The Best

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 Post subject: any way the warfield blows
PostPosted: Tue Jun 27, 2006 5:31 pm 

Joined: Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:41 pm
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Location: Lost Angeles
after a best ever show at the wiltern the night before, i shot up to sf for the warfield show.

the show was without question wonderful. a continuation of the superlatives that abound describing the show since inception overseas.

the warfield is about as pathetic a venue as i can conceive.

it was oversold. the standing room only crowd could hardly comply with the staff demands to remain within the yellow lines designating sro areas. unless people wanted to hold people on their shoulders.
retreating to the lobby to crane and peer thought the doors to the auditorium, i noticed many either negotiating in vain to have seats in the back tables (mostly empty-" those are for the crew and invited guests" this even two hours into the show), requesting refunds or simply and exasperatingly leaving.

i cannot believe how many staff persons scurried about, their badges swinging, and yet none that had the unmitigated audacity to actually take any sort of action whatsoever. it was real clear that the "staff" milling about were simply there to milk their ability to get into a show free.

i'd gladly drop three times what i did to see another show in a venue such as the wiltern. i would not drop ten cents to set foot in the warfield even if god himself was there to plook his girlfriend squat on a warfieldian era deco sofa. mas warfield.

sf is hard enough to take without having to watch hundreds of warfield staff literally walk around with a pyschedelic gleam in their eyes as they mooch their way through another free show.

how i hate it how i hate it how i hate it......warfield........oh my brain is gettting dead in the back.

what was screamingly funny satirization of the hippies waayy back in the 60's is now even more apropos and in 2006, screamingly pathetic.

but then on the other hand i would dunt dunt keep the band duhhhdunt dunt and move them around duhhdunt dunt to the other side of town duhhhdunt to a little white box dunt dunt called the war memorial audtorium

zpz= a+
venue= f
san francisco= special education

Big Z Auto Works...where the cars come out to play in greater San Bernardino.

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