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 Post subject: 27 November 2011: Leicester, UK
PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:36 pm 
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Did you attend the ZPZ show at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, UK?

Dweezil and the band love reading your reviews.

Please do not post in this thread if you did not attend the show.

Mikey Webmeister

 Post subject: Re: 27 November 2011: Leicester, UK
PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 11:33 pm 

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Location: Colchester
Second night of this tour for us after Cambridge on Wednesday, Joe and I had front row seats. Sound generally good, though Joe's drums maybe too 'forward' and some of Ben's more intricate vocals were lost, however everything else was clear and precise; the overall volume seemed slightly lower than Cambridge. First time at de Monfort Hall, thought it a good venue both in acoustics and service, quite happy to visit again. Knocked out straight away when Dweezil acknowledged Joe from the stage.

Off to an unbelievable start with Black Napkins, one in my all time top 5, thank you Richard for requesting it excellent choice. And it didn't let up from there, Apostrophe again, Inca Roads - being so close we could see clearly see Chris' input, the whole night seemed so much more intense and big than Cambridge - maybe it was because we were so close and could see the interaction, the communication' the togetherness, the sense of 'family' in the band that you don't get when you're further away. Whatever it was, it certainly worked for me.

For both of us though the highlight has to be I'm The Slime, requested by Joe after Wednesday night. I was totally impressed how much of what I told Dweezil on Wednesday night he remembered and relayed to the audience so accurately and of course identifying Joe to the audience was so cool for him. That intro actually put me in mind of Frank talking on Stinkfoot on 'Make A Jazz Noise Here', just taking care of the loyal fans and making sure they get their money's worth!

And when the band ripped into those first few chords - in all the versions I've heard it done by Frank and Dweezil I have never heard it played with so much emotion, you all seemed to turn it up a notch, Dweezil and Billy singing to just makes me go so emotional thinking back to it now 24 hours later. Thanks guys to all the band so much, you made a 10 year old boy so happy and his Dad, well just so proud and pleased to share a unique moment. I'm The Slime will never ever sound the same.

Thanks to Jamie for the set list and pick (goes with the same from Gateshead!), to Ben for signing tickets and set list and of course to Dweezil for signing everything put in front of him and for the pictures of you and Joe together, rounding off a magical night for both of us.

Was so pleased to see a couple of other round about Joe's age, hope you enjoyed it, got to meet Dweezil; get involved guys - he's such an. Incredible, humble, amazing person!

Set list will follow tomorrow as am now writing this at work as I listen to the 4 disc box set, just trying to come down in time for Brighton.

See you all Thursday!!

 Post subject: Re: 27 November 2011: Leicester, UK
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 1:42 pm 

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As I walked I came to the large city they call London, where I saw the sorry sight of an old friend. He had lost a lot of weight and had become married. For this, he had been sentenced to transportation to the Southern Colonies.

I was then abducted! A frightening experience, but at least I did not have to walk for a short time. When I awoke, I found myself in Leicester! At least
I would be able to find somewhere to buy shoes!

But no, it was the Sabbath and like all good souls, the traders and merchants were not doing business. Alas, this also meant I had no vittels to share with anyone.

I walked to the building named after an early traitor and then! Again! That music! I rushed inside and heard those chords. The young people that I had come across for a few of the previous nights were there and preparing to play. My heart leapt with joy. My earlier apprehension had vanished and I welcomed the music with open ears. Stories of long South American roads, the nature of fruit and the problems of relationships in the Colonies, especially Carolina.

It filled my heart with joy.

I wished to run to the front and show my joy by dancing and moving, but a number of Red Coats were rough and did not like the enjoyment of the crowd. I feel that the Red Coats may one day meet their match. Say, somewhere near Lexington.

The music was good and I realised that my thoughts of the chapel were now far behind me.

But maybe it is time to return closer to home.

My feet are sore and the smell is something like the voodoo butter underwear…..

Pastor John D’oh!

 Post subject: Re: 27 November 2011: Leicester, UK
PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2011 10:13 pm 

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Location: Colchester
Set list as promised -

1. Black Napkins (FZ Video) requested by Richard
2. Yellow Snow
3. Nanook Rubs It In
4. St Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast
5. Father 'Oblivion
6. Cosmik Debirs (FZ Video)
7. Exentrifugal Forz
8. Apostrophe
9. Uncle Remus
10. Stinkfoot
11. Inca Roads (FZ Video)
12. Cheepnis
13. Peaches En Regalia
14. Carolina Hardcore Ecstasy
15. What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body
16. Chunga's Revenge
17. Fifty Fifty (Pete Jones vocals)
18. Rollo
19 I'm The Slime requested by Joe
Encore :
20. Dancin' Fool
21. Baby Snakes
22 Muffin Man (FZ Video)

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