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 Post subject: 23 November 2011: Cambridge, UK
PostPosted: Sun Nov 20, 2011 8:30 pm 
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Did you attend the ZPZ show at Corn Exchange in Cambridge, UK?

Dweezil and the band love reading your reviews.

Please do not post in this thread if you did not attend the show.

Mikey Webmeister

 Post subject: Re: 23 November 2011: Cambridge, UK
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 1:11 am 

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First time this year, was at Wolverhampton and Gateshead last year: was with my 10 year old son Joseph, easily the youngest person there by a mile, second time he's seen ZPZ as was at Gateshead with me.

Thoroughly enjoyable night, highlights for me being Uncle Remus (I've always liked this, great to sing along with!!), Fifty Fifty with Pete Jones singing (close your eyes and it's like being back there - he said afterwards to us that he tried to make it as close to the album as possible, he's right there), Cheepnis (one of Joe's favourites) and the encore. Also a big wow to Scheila for knocking out the solo on Gumbo Variations in the first number and being red hot from the word go.

Many thanks to all involved - over the years I'd listen to Frank's cd's and realised that I'd never get the chance to hear this music live again….how wrong was that?? And yes I cry when I hear it now because it's just great to hear it live and to be able to share it all with my son…..thanks.

Finally a BIG THANK YOU to Dweezil….I was so pleased when Joseph came out of the crowd at the end of the show with your signed set list and pick - it can go with the Gateshead set list and pick:-) - and thanks to Pete for signing the set list after and the drum stick (sorry if you're one short tonight Joe - it's going onto school with Joseph); looking forward now to Leicester on Sunday (and I'm The Slime - thanks Dweezil in advance from Joseph) and Brighton next week - front row seats for both, can it get any better than that??

The Set List
1. Gumbo Variations
2. Yellow Snow
3. Nanook Rubs It In
4. Father Oblivion
5. Cosmik Debris (FZ video)
6. Exentrifugal Force
8. Apostrophe
9. Uncle Remus
10. Stinkfoot
11. Echind'a Arf
12. Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
13. Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
14. Pojama People
15. What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?
16. Chunga's Revenge
17. Inca Roads (FZ Video)
18. Cheepnis (Pete jones vocals)
19. Fifty Fifty
20 Rollo
21. Dancin'Fool
22. Baby Snakes
23. Muffin Man

See you all Sunday!!

 Post subject: Re: 23 November 2011: Cambridge, UK
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 9:58 am 

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So I went to see Dweezil Zappa last night (courtesy of my friend Pema). I'm a long time Frank Zappa fan having got hooked after I heard Titties and Beer when I was 14. It was always going to be a big ask for DZ to go on the road playing his Dad's music. FZ was a big personality, and a prodigious talent who wrote everything from Doowop through rock anthems to complex orchestral works. His composing motto was "anything, any time, anywhere, for no reason at all". He combined serious music and serious musicianship with humour and pastiche, and social observation. FZ died in 1993 from cancer and these Zappa Plays Zappa concerts are to keep FZ's music alive by playing it - a feat not every musician is capable of.

DZ (a youthful looking 42) hits the stage with 7 friends who are all crack musicians - they all play extremely well, all sing, and some are multi-instrumentalists. He's pretty laid back. In fact one of the features of the show is the lack of hype - it's all about the music. The lights are minimal, and there are no props; there is no face pulling, pose striking, or coordinated dancing. Just 2.5 hours of excellent music, played with excellence. A typical FZ show featured tightly scripted, statistically dense, and demanding musical performances, virtuoso soloing from all the players, and a certain amount of musical theatre in a Dada vein. DZ and friends certainly provided the first two, but the more theatrical aspects of FZ's shows is less in evidence. The ZPZ shows are about the music of FZ, not the ego of DZ.

My one beef is that the Corn Exchange venue seemed to amplify the bottom end to the point where it swamped everything. It was often hard to hear the singers especially the bass voice of lead singer Ben Thomas. It was also difficult to hear the bass guitar which was really problematic in tunes like Apostrophe where Pete Griffin had extensive solos.

After warming up with the Gumbo Variations (featuring a wailing sax solo by Scheila Gonzalez) the band played through the Apostrophe album in it's entirety. This was where the mushy and indistinct vocals told since the words are important on most of these tracks! But the band played this album almost note perfect and it was great to hear it brought to life. The solo in Cosmik Debris was played by none other than FZ himself via a video from a show from about that time (ca 1974-5). It was moving to see FZ playing along like that.

The videos - used sparingly, only 3 times, gave us an opportunity to see FZ's guitar technique. He showed every sign of being self-taught. The contrast with DZ who learned from master Steve Vai was striking. DZ's soloing technique is smooth, and shows an economy of motion and fluidity that FZ clearly lacked. But the sound that FZ makes is no less astounding for it. His left hand is jerky, makes large almost flapping motions, and stabs about the place. But he is so very agile and fast that the awkward looking technique translates into the blistering guitar playing that FZ is rightly famous for. As a guitarist myself I found this aspect of the show fascinating. Syncing the live and video sounds was perfect and hats off to the technicians for that!.

The lack of showmanship was at times, ironically, a distraction. There was sometimes a sense that the band were going through the motions. There is no doubt that the motions are amazing, but these are songs from before they were all born and I wonder briefly if their hearts are in it. It may be because this album is may all time favourite and I know it so well. In any case this sense is dispelled by the first track which follows the Apostrophe tracks: the instrumental Echinda's Arf (cf. another ZPZ band The band seemed to come to life in this complex and ever changing FZ classic, and the lack of vocal clarity mattered a lot less in the instrumentals. From I found the band more engaging, perhaps because the tunes allowed for much more room to improvise.

The set list leaned towards the early part of FZ's career. Tracks from Chunga's Revenge, One Size Fits All, and We're Only in It for the Money (1968), but taking in Live in New York and an encore set drawing mainly on Sheik Yerbouti (Dancin' Fool and Baby Snakes).

Overall it was a good night out. It was refreshing to see a show that was about the music, and to hear interesting music well played. There were some stunning guitar solos including one very inventive one by second guitarist Jamie Kime. It's a bit sad that Health & Safety concerns prevented an on stage dance contest (let's not say "H&S Law" because there is not law against it) but people did stand up and dance especially in the encore - which drew heavily on the disco genre.

And the highlight? I think terms of playing it was Echind'a Arf, but actually the best bit was after the music. After the last track DZ came down to the front of the stage to talk to the crowd. He started signing autographs, and was chatting away. I stayed around and got an autographed flier for DZ's new solo album (where does he find the time?) and thanked him personally for keeping his father's music alive. He seemed relaxed and gracious, like a kind of anti-rock star. After 2.5 hours on stage DZ seemed happy to spend another half hour or more meeting his Dad's fans. I was really moved by this. Being a long term fan I know how fanatical some of us are, and about the cult of FZ. DZ is not his father, but he and I share a mutual love and respect for FZ. I think he did his father proud last night both musically and personally.

I came away feeling as though I had seen and heard the next best thing to an FZ concert. Feeing warm towards DZ for his dedication and apparent selflessness. But a little melancholy as well as FZ is not longer with us, and my Dad died 2 years before he did. I could not help but feel a bit small in comparison to DZ who keeps his father's legacy alive with a combination of fervour and grace. Thanks for the ticket Pema.

 Post subject: Re: 23 November 2011: Cambridge, UK
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 5:18 pm 

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Just to add to other reviews of the Corn Exchange show - the sound (we were in the balcony) was VERY
muddy. A shame when there is so much detail in the music and a lot of it was lost. Nevertheless a great show although Dweezil did seem a bit distracted. Maybe the videos of Frank didn't give him the chance to really shine. Come back soon.

 Post subject: Re: 23 November 2011: Cambridge, UK
PostPosted: Thu Nov 24, 2011 10:05 pm 

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Well, my second DZ/ZPZ - the first being at Cambridge Corn Exchange last year. As then, a fantastic concert - I've seen lots of bands in my time, but this band are a league above anyone else I've seen in terms of musicianship - DZ's guitar playing leaves me mesmerised. Some real treats in the set - Gumbo variations, Rollo, Echinda's Arf, and I don't think I've stopped smiling since Pete Jones' guest vocals on 50/50.

What would I have liked to have heard? Well, "Tryin' to grow a chin" - I was hoping that Baby Snakes would sort of continue on, and as much as I like "Muffin man" as a closer, particularly with the FZ video synch, I'm still hopeful that I'll hear "Peaches en Regalia" - perhaps at the end of the main set? But then, I'd happily listen to all DZ's FZ repertoire.

I'd agree with the other posters that the sound wasn't as clean as it could have been (or as clean as it was last year), which is a shame, for a band as precise and as tight as this one. One comment about the atmosphere - I sensed that the band seemed frustrated by the lack of "audience participation", but that's something I've felt before with other bands here. Please, guys, don't think that we aren't bothered, or aren't enjoying it - I certainly was, and I hope that DZ meant it when he said "see you next year".

My lasting regret at not seeing FZ in 1988 when I had (half a) chance to has certainly been helped by seeing DZ/ZPZ - I didn't think I'd ever hear all those FZ tunes being played live, and to hear them played now, as well as they are, is quite an emotional experience. Thank you for coming, Dweezil and the band.

 Post subject: Re: 23 November 2011: Cambridge, UK
PostPosted: Tue Nov 29, 2011 12:54 pm 

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As I walked across this accursed land, I came to a large brick building which exuded warmth and charm and I thought I would rest a while to ease my aching feet. Being called the Corn Exchange, of course it had to be a place of honest toil and sweat.

Little did I know that within the said building there was to be musical entertainment given. If I had known, I would have fled as if chased by the very devil himself. But I stayed. To my surprise, the group of musicians started playing notes of such exquisite point and counterpoint that I even found myself tapping my foot. I soon put a stop to that by nailing it to the floor.

The music was a strange delight, with lot’s of r’eference’s to punctu’ation and the state of one’s hea'lth and footwear.

The music finally penetrated into my very soul and by the end I had to get up and become like the shakers. I am ashamed to admit that I frooged and have been told that I did indeed do the jitterbuggery.

I hold my head in shame. But I liked it. A lot. An awful lot.

But now I must continue my wanderings……..I wonder what the chances of meeting this group of musicians again is?

Pastor John D'oh!

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