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Baltimore celebrates Zappa Day as Dweezil extends tour
Published on - August 09, 2007

Dweezil Zappa continues to pile new “Zappa Plays Zappa” dates onto his schedule, with a slate that continues the tour into late November.

The new dates follow the current August leg, which rolls into Baltimore tonight (8/9), where the city has officially declared it Frank Zappa Day. Zappa's current leg takes him through late August, with the fall/winter portion of the itinerary kicking off Oct. 31 in New York City, as Dweezil pays homage to his legendary father's habit of playing Halloween night shows in the city.

The outing will hit 16 cities, with the same concept Zappa has been exploring since he first began touring under the "Zappa Plays Zappa" banner last year: the younger Zappa playing his late father's music with a backing band featuring several of the elder Zappa's old bandmates, including new addition Ray White, a vocalist/guitarist who toured and recorded with Frank in the mid-'70s.

"I think my Dad's music deserves to be heard by a wider audience," Zappa said in a press statement. "I really think he's been misunderstood for far too long, which brings me back to why I'm doing this: I'm so in awe of his accomplishments and want more and more people to know about him, and I think the best way for people to first discover his music is on a visceral level in a live situation. I think you have to be confronted with the complexity and the beautiful subtlety of all of it to fully appreciate the artistry of it."

A DVD of last year's performances is also in the works, according to Zappa. The DVD shoot captured the band's shows in Seattle and Portland, OR, last December.










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