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18 August 2008

Hello Friends,

We recently completed another 6 week leg of the 2008 touring schedule. We had a nice string of sold out shows on the East coast. The NY audiences from Buffalo and Albany on down to Long Island and the folks in Peekskill were among the most effusive fans we've played to all year.

There seemed to be something special going on during that final run. The band was firing on all cylinders and the fans were certainly helping to fuel the fire. I started mentioning the fall "You Can't Fit On Stage Anymore" tour plans to those audiences and the first show in NYC at the Blender theater SOLD OUT right away. Another show was added and is already almost sold out. There will likely be a third show added there.

Other shows in other areas (Chicago and LA) SOLD OUT quickly as well. Shows are being added in various locations. They will all be posted on our site soon. If you're thinking about seeing us on this tour it would seem that purchasing tickets early would be the "prudent" thing to do.

All of us in the band are very much looking forward to the "You Can't Fit On Stage Anymore" intimate venue shows. The immediate interaction with the audience is always energizing. I suspect there will be a lot of memorable moments at those shows. The great thing is - all of you ticket holders will be able to download that experience within 8 to 10 days after the performance - for FREE.

Of course you shouldn't forget about your chances of winning the Hagstrom Super Swede guitar. We gave one away in Barcelona and the winner could actually play pretty well. He sat in with us for a few minutes. It was a lot of fun - until we found out he was not actually the winner... right seat number - wrong level. The real winner was presented with his prize immediately following the debacle and we invited him to play as well. He had never played in his life - that didn't stop him though. I helped him by moving his hands to the right positions and helping him pick the right strings and notes. It was fun for all involved. Who knows... that could happen again - minus the wrong winner part!

For the moment I am soaking up my family time at home. I certainly missed my wife and 2 little daughters. My 2 year old has been attached to my hip ever since I've been home. She told me, "Dada, I'm starving for you not to go to work, I love you". Heartbreaking. (By the way she recently got a guitar for her birthday. We've been practicing together - she asks me to play "Peaches En Regalia" a lot)

I know it'll get harder and harder to say goodbye on each tour but I feel like our little grassroots campaign is just starting to reach its intended audience. That's why I'll be trudging across the tundra, mile after mile this fall continuing to amplify the message - through the
Dynaflangers of course...

See you at the shows!

Regards, DZ

POSTED BY DWEEZIL ZAPPA AT 2008-08-18 12:58:05
10 August 2008

A Major Announcement about the Zappa Plays Zappa Fall Tour

• Hand-picked intimate venues;
• Every attendee will be able to get a free MP3 concert download
   within a week of performance;
• Hagstrom guitar giveaway at every show;
• Submit your song requests for each show.

Hello Friends,

I have exciting news about the upcoming fall tour, called You Can't Fit On Stage Anymore! Please read this carefully, there's a lot going on! It has not gone without notice that many of you have seen us multiple times in various different cities. While we always strive to reach out to new fans I felt like doing something special for the hardcore fans in the fall. When the leaves start falling off all of the trees we'll have multiple bonus accouterments to add to your Zappa Plays Zappa experience. In our continuing effort to provide you with the "World's Finest Optional Entertainment" we have booked ourselves into some hand selected intimate venues.

Why would we do that you ask?

"The Way I see it..." Often times the intimate nature of these types of venues provides a unique environment for thrilling live performances and an opportunity for a more immediate connection between the fans and the musicians on stage. We will be playing different material on a nightly basis - more on that later.

That sounds good but if I may be so bold, what else are you doing?

Thanks for asking, check this out... We are including a special free download license of the entire concert as part of your ticket price. This will not be a commercial release. Only the attendees of these special concert events will have access to these recordings. Your code will be printed on your ticket and may be redeemed at www.nugs.net. You will be able to listen to the concert you've recently attended in fully mixed studio quality sound with an easy mp3 download.

In order to take it a step further than the industry standard for this type of item, a small amount of extra time is required to prepare these files. You will be able to download your fully mixed stereo, studio quality audio within 8 days of the show you attended. (Keep in mind that shows are generally 2 and half hours - me and my audio engineer friend TJ Helmerich will be working around the clock to get these things mixed and uploaded while being out on the road!) It will not be a glorified front of house reference mix as is usually the case with this kind of an item.

(As you know computers are imperfect devices and there is a possibility that they will fail during the recording process. In the event of computer failure an alternate concert download will be granted to those ticket holders affected.)

You've got my attention... my hair is "getting good in the back". Correct me if I'm wrong but you said multiple bonus accouterments.

I did indeed. What else can you expect to be included in the price of your ticket? How about incredible odds on winning a world class Super Swede electric guitar made by Hagstrom - at every show! (Check them out at www.hagstromguitars.com) These shows are small 300 to 400 people capacity. 1 in 400 odds are pretty damn good!

A random name will be selected out of a hat - don't forget to sign up at the show - and the winner will be invited on stage to claim their prize! Who knows, maybe they'll get a chance to plug it in and play with the band?

Okay now my hair is awesome, is there anything else?

We've decided to give you all a chance to make requests from a master list of songs the band is prepared to play. Each night before the show we'll look over the results. The top five most requested songs will be in the show that night. (Perhaps more depending on what we played the night before). Click here to read more about concert downloads, setlist voting and winning a Hagstrom guitar!

My hair is on fire! I've got it under control but now it looks like a merkin. How many songs do you guys know?

Since 2006 we've learned over 80. Can we play them all at the drop of hat? No our heads would explode like Scanners. We will go over as much as we can handle. I expect the list to hover around 40 to 45 songs from multiple eras. Could be a few more if we're feeling inspired.

In any case, I hope you'll participate in these fun bonus features and take advantage of this one time small venue tour. We're all really looking forward to seeing you out there. Who knows, maybe we'll play "Billy The Mountain".

By the way, when we get to LA - We'll be playing at the Roxy - 35 years to the day...

For ticketing links and venue information, visit the ZPZ Tour Dates page.


Dweezil Zappa

POSTED BY DWEEZIL ZAPPA AT 2008-08-10 21:40:37
4 August 2008


Hey Y'all,

I've just got to share a few things that make me laugh. :-D

Though there are PLENTY of occasions off stage when the guys make me laugh to the point of tears, lately I've had quite a case of the giggles on stage. This can prove to be a job hazard of sorts as it is next to impossible to sing or play a wind instrument while laughing. Here are a few chuckle-worthy moments as of late...

First of all, for those of you who may not know, ZPZ has been training for the past two and a half years for a new athletic event. Now dubbed "the trifecta" by a fan who posted a Re:view, it is the feat of performing Peaches En Regalia followed by Echidna's Arf followed by G Spot Tornado; three extraordinarily difficult instrumental works. The sheer amount of notes we play during those ten and a half minutes is seriously humorous. Tonight it cracked me up.

Other hilarity has come from such occurrences and utterances as:


"The billy goat laughs."

The singing blow up doll.

"Wanna buy a rattlesnake, Cartman?"

The use of the adverb "betind".

"Si, si!"


"Aren't you lovely...?"

Every once in a while I'm set up juuuuust far enough forward on stage so I can look down the front line at "my boys" as they vocalize.

My entertainment last night consisted of watching them sing "ram it, ram it, ram it, ram it up your poop chute....CORN HOLE!"....etc.

Past favorites include but are not limited to:

"Illinois....Woooooooooo!, Illinois......WOOOOOOOO!"

and of course


It's goofy, I know, but it is a lot of fun.

Now we're in Albany, NY for a WELL-DESERVED day off. Thank you to all of the great audiences, appreciative fans and repeat customers!


Time for room service...

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