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Zappa Plays Zappa - Tour De Frank
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23 June 2008

Hello Friends,

We're about to start the next leg of the 08 ZPZ tour. We're looking forward to playing all the new material and visiting some new places and making new friends along the way.

We're particularly excited to have the opportunity to play a few more festivals. As you know, introducing Frank's music to a new generation of fans is one of my biggest goals. The fact that we have been invited to play at both Rock and Jazz festivals is unusual. I suspect there will be some interesting differences between audiences. We'll be playing a few of each in the US and Canada as well as in Europe. Speaking of Europe, it's worth mentioning that I have every intention of playing many more dates with ZPZ throughout Europe in the very near future. I expect to play some more shows there in the fall as well as the shows currently listed on our brief summer tour. The fall tour in general has a few cool surprises and fan incentives - more on that in a future blog.

To all the European fans vocalizing about feeling left out please consider this simple equation - touring comes down to promoters who are interested in bringing the show to your town. It obviously costs a lot of money to travel with a large group and a lot of gear, especially these days. I would love to do a more extensive European tour but we can only go to the places that have the motivation to bring us there in a financially viable way. Perhaps the blustering overbearing pessimists on certain fan forums should run some numbers in their spare time, (which they obviously have a lot of) on shipping over 20,000 lbs of equipment, air fares for 18 people + salaries, hotels, buses, trucks, fuel - just to name a few things - and then ask themselves how feasible it really is.

Remember to take into account that the fickle ticket buying fan base that enjoys the "World's Finest Optional Entertainment" is not an overflowing pool of tens of thousands in each territory like say, U2... it's a mere puddle in comparison. For argument's sake let's say it's a few thousand people. Are they all free for the night of the show? Will there be enough promotion to get the word out to all of them so they know about it? I have no control over that. That is the promoters' job. Will they do it well? One would hope... We will likely play in small venues - good for intimate shows but hard if not impossible to cover tour expenses. There are innumerable amounts of variables that go into the decision making process of routing a tour.

We're definitely motivated to come and play for you, we just need the right partners/promoters. Slowly but surely we are making those connections. Please have some patience and keep checking the tour dates on the site.

See you soon,


POSTED BY DWEEZIL ZAPPA AT 2008-06-23 22:56:08
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