LUNO Collaborates with Frank Zappa Estate on Limited Edition Record Console

Luxury design brand LUNO has teamed up with the Frank Zappa Estate on the creation of the SSKL Soundwave, FZ Limited Edition. This uniquely designed record console—only 10 of which will be available for purchase–is highlighted by a solid brass soundwave from Frank Zappa’s “Sofa No. 1” musical composition that is meticulously inlaid by hand and made flush with the walnut door.

The SSKL Soundwave, FZ Limited Edition also features a selection of vinyl recordings from Frank Zappa’s extensive recorded catalog, a minibar with Zappa whiskey glasses and space for four liquor bottles, storage for 150 records, a Groovewasher Kit, and a certificate of authenticity (signed, numbered, and dated). The console also comes fully equipped with a Pro-Ject Esprit SB turntable, 2.1 speaker system, 100w subwoofer, 2 aux inputs and AirPlay so you can stream from any Apple device. The console design is the newest addition to LUNO’s luxury hifi console range. Featuring top of the line craftsmanship, the unit is truly a work of art.

Each SSKL Soundwave, FZ Limited Edition console is handcrafted and hand-wired in Los Angeles by experienced craftsmen and engineers. They are available by request only via LUNO’s website.

“We are big Zappa fans and when our paths crossed, we jumped at the opportunity to collaborate! We immediately went to the drawing board to present some ideas. After months of back and forth concepts, the idea of clipping a soundwave file from a song and applying it to the unit was born. We then spent another several months figuring out how to make that vision come to life. And while it looks effortless, complicated techniques were involved in making it happen. At LUNO, we pride ourselves on innovative designs and we’re extremely proud of the final result and are honored to have created this unit with the wonderful folks over at Zappa.” said Jennifer Farmer, co-founder of LUNO.

“When I first came across Luno’s record consoles, I immediately started drooling and knew I had to get my hands on one,” Ahmet Zappa says. “I telephonically stalked Luno headquarters and was invited over for a visit to hear one of their consoles in all its glory. I was blown away. Thus began the dream of collaborating. Our goal was simple, let’s make something unique for Zappa fans and all true audiophiles everywhere. Jennifer and Dan were up for the challenge and amazing to work with. We love the end results and I’m very proud of our Zappa Luno Console. At Zappa Records, we take the manufacturing of our vinyl very seriously and it’s equally important to have an exceptional record player on which to play it. We conduct extensive testing for quality audio control during production and this console–capable of making sweet, sweet audio love to your ears–is being used for just this purpose. From the wood finish, to the original speaker fabric (authentic Marshall Salt & Pepper Grill Cloth, the same one used on vintage Marshall amps), to the brass inlay WAV file from Frank’s ‘Sofa #1,’ it’s just what The Grand Wazoo would want for you.”

LUNO is the brainchild of husband and wife team Daniel Knowles and Jennifer Farmer. Jennifer operates a successful custom furniture design business and Daniel is a sound engineer with two decades of experience in audio. They were looking for a centerpiece for their home, a record console that would sound as good as it looks. Finding nothing that met their lofty ideals, they decided to design one themselves, and so LUNO was born: a range of luxury items that are as easy on the eyes as they are on the ears.
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