MAY 29TH 2008

Format: DVD 9 Dual Layer - 4:3 Screen Format - NTSC - All Regions - American English - Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo

Total Running Time: 2 hours

Edited, performed & music composed & conducted by Frank Zappa.

Filmed live at: The Palladium, NYC on October 31, 1981 (early & late shows) 


  • Black Napkins
  • Montana
  • Easy Meat
  • Beauty Knows No Pain
  • Charlie's Enormous Mouth
  • Fine Girl
  • Teen-Age Wind
  • Harder Than Your Husband
  • Bamboozled By Love
  • We're Turning Again
  • Alien Orifice
  • Flakes
  • Broken Hearts Are For Assholes
  • You Are What You Is
  • Mudd Club
  • The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
  • Dumb All Over
  • Heavenly Bank Account
  • Suicide Chump
  • Jumbo Go Away
  • Stevie’s Spanking
  • The Torture Never Stops
  • Strictly Genteel
  • The Illinois Enema Bandit

DVD Extras:

  • Teen-age Prostitute (early show) 2:29
  • City Of Tiny Lights (late show) 8:12
  • You Are What You Is (Original Videoclip, 1981) 4:22

Editorial Supervisor: Frank Zappa

Music performed by:

Frank Zappa—guitar, vocal

Ray White—guitar, vocal

Tommy Mars—keyboards, vocal

Scott Thunes—bass, vocal

Chad Wackerman—drums

Ed Mann—percussion, vocal

Bobby Martin—keyboards, sax, vocal

Steve Vai—guitar, vocal

Produced by:

Bill Boggs

Richard Baker

Directed by:

Clark Santee

Lighting director—Jim Tetlow

Associate producer—Karen McLaughlin

Music associate—Dee Santee

Technical supervisor—Mark Schubin

Engineering consultant—Malachy Wienges

Production manager—Marty Maloney

Stage manager—Keith Kevan

Engineer-in-charge—Ed Levine

Technical director—Paul Stiegelbauer

Music audio mixer—Mark Pinske

Production audio mixer—Mike Shoskes

Audio assistant—Mel Becker

Video—Paul Ranieri

Camera—Juan Barrera, Peter Blank, John Feher, Ron Leacock, Mike Lieberman, Jake Ostroff

Videotape operator—Rennie Dicuia

Gaffer—Chip Foody

Utility—Rick Anderson, Andy Burnaford

Electronic Graphics—Barry Fialk

Production assistants—Sabina Barach, Susan Franks

Production facilities—Unitel Production Services, Inc.

Videotape editor—Terry Greene

Assistant videotape editor—Ron Menzies

For Intercontinental Absurdities:

Bennett Glotzer—associate producer

Alan Santos—production manager

Coy Featherstone—lighting director

Mark Pinske, George Douglas, Bob Stone—sound

Chuck Eldridge on Jack Daniels

David Robb—towel boy and Kosher guitars

Larry Griffith—industrial tenderness

Thomas Nordegg—gadgets

John Smothers—iron sausage

Wartoke Concern—public relations

All music composed and arranged by Frank Zappa

Special thanks to The Palladium, New York City

© Copyright 1982 Boggs/Baker Productions Inc. and Frank Zappa

DVD ordainment & a/d/d art direction: Gail Zappa

Vaultage vaultmeisterment: Joe Travers

Art design & renderment: Keith Lawler

Liner notes: Scott Thunes

Production management: Melanie Starks

DVD development: New York DVD

Encoding/authoring: Brian Brodeur

Menu design: Galo Morales