One Size Fits All

June 25th 1975
Zappa Records
Inca Roads
Can't Afford No Shoes
Sofa No. 1
Po-Jama People
Florentine Pogen
Evelyn, A Modified Dog
San Ber'dino
Sofa No. 2

Official Release #20
Catalog Number: ZR 3853
Produced by: FZ
Those Who Play This:
FZ: all guitars, lead vocals on Po-Jama People, Evelyn and Sofa No. 2, bg vocals on other tunes
George Duke: all keyboards & synthesizers, lead vocals on Inca Roads, Andy and Sofa No. 2, bg vocals on other tunes 
Napoleon Murphy Brock: flute and tenor sax, lead vocals on Florentine Pogen and Andy, bg vocals on other tunes 
Chester Thompson: drums; gorilla victim 
Tom Fowler: bass (when left hand is not broken) 
Ruth Underwood: vibes, marimba, other percussion 
James "Bird Legs" Youmans: bass (on Can't Afford No Shoes
Johnny "Guitar" Watson: flambe vocals on the out-choruses of San Ber'dino and Andy 
Bloodshot Rollin' Red: harmonica when present
Technical Information:
Engineers: Kerry McNabb; Gary O. JukkaMike Braunstein
Studios: The Record Plant L.A.; Caribou; Paramount; KCET TV; Finnlevy Studiot, Helsinki; Wally Heider Remote Truck 
Assistance: Richard “Tex” Abel; Coy Featherstone; Bill Romero; Unity; Maati Laipio
Abuse: (Unwarranted): Marty Perellis
Special Electronics: Musitronics; 360 Systems
German Translation: Lu Paschotta
Design & Fresco: Cal Schenkel
Sofa Upholstery: Lynn Lascaro
Archaic Typography: Composition Arts: Vernon Simpson
"The basic tracks for 1. and 5. were recorded live at KCET TV Los Angeles during the production of our TV special. The guitar solo in 1. was recorded live during our 1974 concert in Helsinki, Finland. This album was produced between December 1974 and April 1975 simultaneously with our next album (coming soon). I hereby pronounce myself ready to go back on the road."
FZ, Easter Sunday 1975, 11:30 PM.