Roxy & Elsewhere

September 10th 1974
Zappa Records
Penguin In Bondage - Live/1974
Pygmy Twylyte - Live At The Roxy, Hollywood/1973
Dummy Up - Live At The Roxy, Hollywood/1973
Village Of The Sun - Live At The Roxy, Hollywood/1973
Echidna's Arf (Of You) - Live At The Roxy, Hollywood/1973
Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? - Live At The Roxy, Hollywood/1973
Cheepnis - Live At The Roxy, Hollywood/1973
Son Of Orange County - Live/1974
More Trouble Every Day - Live/1974
Be-Bop Tango (Of The Old Jazzmen's Church) - Live At The Roxy, Hollywood/1973

Official Release #19
Catalog Number: ZR 3852
Produced & Conducted by Frank Zappa
Frank Zappa—lead guitar, vocalsGeorge Duke—keyboards, synthesizer, vocalsTom Fowler—bassRuth Underwood—percussionJeff Simmons—rhythm guitar, vocalsDon Preston—synthesizerBruce Fowler—trombone, dancing (?)Walt Fowler—trumpetNapoleon Murphy Brock—tenor sax, flute, lead vocalsRalph Humphrey—drumsChester Thompson—drums(additional back-up vocals on Cheepnisby Debbi, Lynn, Ruben, George & Froggy
Digitally remastered 1990 for UMRK by Stephen Marcussen, Precision Mastering L.A.Design & Graphics by Cal SchenkelCover Photography by Sherwin TiltonLiner Photography by Sherwin Tilton, Coy Featherston & Steve Magedoff

Most of the material in this double set was recorded Dec. 10, 11 & 12, 1973, at The Roxy, Hollywood. Other portions were extracted from road tapes (4-track 15 -ips masters) of show #2, Mothers Day, 1974, at the Auditorium Theater in Chicago, and the recent gymnasium extravaganza at Edinboro State College, Edinboro, Pennsylvania, May 8, 1974.Some of the material has been overdubbed (Bolic Studios & Paramount Studios, Hollywood), but all basic tracks are live. The Roxy remote recording was done by Wally Heider (16-track 30-ips), engineered by Kerry McNabb (who also is responsible for the re-mix on the whole album). The engineer for the road tapes was Bill Hennigh. None of the road material has been overdubbed.