Absolutely Free

May 26th 1967
Absolutely Free


  • Plastic People
  • The Duke Of Prunes
  • Amnesia Vivace
  • The Duke Regains His Chops
  • Call Any Vegetable
  • Invocation And Ritual Dance Of The Young Pumpkin
  • Soft-Sell Conclusion
  • Big Leg Emma
  • Why Don'tcha Do Me Right?
  • America Drinks
  • Status Back Baby
  • Uncle Bernie's Farm
  • Son Of Suzy Creamcheese
  • Brown Shoes Don't Make It
  • America Drinks & Goes Home

Official Release #2
Catalog Number: ZR3835
Produced by: Tom Wilson
All selections Composed, Arranged, & Conducted by Frank Zappa 
The Mothers of Invention:
FZ: Guitar, Vocals
Ray Collins: Vocals, Tambourine, PRUNE
Jim Fielder: Guitar, Piano
Don Preston: Keyboards
Bunk Gardner: Woodwinds
Roy Estrada: Bass, Vocals
Jim Black: Drums, Vocals 
Billy Mundi: Drums, Percussion

Produced by Tom Wilson
Oratorio Composed/Arranged/ Conducted by Frank Zappa
Art ©1967, mmxii Zappa Family Trust. All rights Reserved.
Cover Photo: Alice Ochs
Other Photos: Jerry Deiter, Marshal Harmon
Cover Art, Layout, Notes Collages, Etc. / ZAPPA*
Director of Engineering: Val Valentin
Recording Engineer: Ami Hadani 
*This is the only album for which all of the artwork, including the merchanical layout, was created solely by FZ.
"The one thing that I think is really good about our music is that the settings for the lyrics are so carefully designed. Supposing you had to listen to America Drinks and Goes Home for a million times – it would drive you crazy, for one thing. But eventually, if you're the average stupid layman who hates music anyway, you might realize how perfect that setting is. Those words, man. Those things are so carefully constructed that it breaks my heart when people don't dig into them and see all the levels that I put into them."