The Amazing Mr. Bickford

May 15th 1989
The Amazing Mr. Bickford

Includes footage from:
The Dub Room Special!
Baby Snakes
The music heard:
Naval Aviation In Art? (from The Perfect Stranger)
Mo 'N Herb's Vacation (from London Symphony Orchestra Vols. 1 & 2)
Dupree's Paradise (from The Perfect Stranger)
The Perfect Stranger (from The Perfect Stranger)
Total Running Time: 52 min.
Cast & Crew
Bruce Bickford
Also appearing on a TV screen in the background:
George Duke
Ruth Underwood
Napoleon Murphy Brock
Written, produced, directed & music composed by FZ
Animation scenarios by Bruce Bickford & FZ
Animation photography by Karl Krogstadt & Bruce Bickford
Additional cinematography by Rob Leacock
Clay, cardboard & line animation by Bruce Bickford