Beat The Boots I: 4. Unmitigated Audacity

July 1st 1991
Beat The Boots I: 4. Unmitigated Audacity


  • Dupree's Paradise/It Can't Happen Here
  • Hungry Freaks Daddy
  • You're Probably Wondering Why I'm Here
  • How Could I Be Such a Fool?
  • Ain't Got No Heart
  • I'm Not Satisfied
  • Wowie Zowie
  • Let's Make the Water Turn Black
  • Harry, You're A Beast
  • Oh No
  • More Trouble Every Day
  • Louie Louie
  • Camarillo Brillo

From Beat The Boots I

Recorded at Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana - May 12, 1974
FZ: lead guitar/vocals 
Jeff Simmons: guitar/vocals 
Napoleon Murphy Brock: sax/vocals 
George Duke: keyboards/vocals 
Don Preston: keyboards/synthesizer
Walt Fowler: trumpet 
Bruce Fowler: trombone 
Tom Fowler: bass 
Chester Thompson: drums 
Ralph Humphrey: drums