Beat The Boots II: 4. At The Circus

June 16th 1992
Beat The Boots II: 4. At The Circus


  • A Pound For A Brown (On The Bus)
  • Baby Snakes
  • Dancin' Fool
  • Easy Meat
  • Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
  • Mother People
  • Wonderful Wino
  • Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?
  • Seal Call Fusion Music
  • Bobby Brown
  • I'm On Duty
  • Conehead

From Beat The Boots II

Recorded at Circus Krone, Munich - September 8, 1978
except 6 and 7 - recorded at Uddel, Netherlands - June 18, 1970
FZ: lead guitar/vocal 
Ike Willis: guitar, vocals 
Denny Walley: slide guitar, vocals
Tommy Mars: keyboards, vocals
Peter Wolf: keyboards 
Ed Mann: percussion 
Arthur Barrow: bass
Vinnie Colaiuta: drums

Tracks 6 & 7: 

FZ: guitar, vocals
Mark Volman: vocals 
Howard Kaylan: vocals 
Jeff Simmons: bass, vocals
George Duke: keyboards 
Ian Underwood: keyboards
Aynsley Dunbar: drums