Burnt Weeny Sandwich

February 9th 1970
Burnt Weeny Sandwich


  • WPLJ
  • Igor's Boogie, Phase One
  • Overture To A Holiday In Berlin
  • Theme From Burnt Weeny Sandwich
  • Igor's Boogie, Phase Two
  • Holiday In Berlin, Full-Blown
  • Aybe Sea
  • The Little House I Used To Live In - Live
  • Valarie

Official Release #9
Catalog Number: ZR3842
Produced and Conducted by: FZ
The Mothers Of Invention Sincerely Regret To Inform You:
FZ: Guitar, Vocals 
Lowell George: Guitar, Vocals 
Roy Estrada: Bass, Vocals 
Don Preston: Keyboards, Minimoog 
Ian Underwood: Keyboards, Clarinet, Piano 
Buzz Gardner: Trumpet 
Bunk Gardner: Woodwinds 
Motorhead Sherwood: Saxophone, Vocals 
Jimmy Carl Black: Drums, Trumpet, Vocals 
Art Tripp: Drums, Percussion 
Sugar Cane Harris: Violin Solo on Little House I Used To Live In
Gabby Furggy (Janet Ferguson) sings "Dit-Dit-Doo-Way-Doo" on WPLJ
Director of Engineering for Bizarre: Dick Kunc, 1970.
Concept & art direction by FZ, NT&B.
Cover art by Cal Schenkel
Album design by John Williams