Chicago ’78

November 4th 2016
Chicago ’78


  • Chicago Walk-On
  • Twenty-One
  • Dancin’ Fool
  • Easy Meat
  • Honey, Don’t You Want A Man Like Me?
  • Keep It Greasy
  • Village Of The Sun
  • The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing
  • Bamboozled By Love
  • Sy Borg
  • Little House I Used To Live In
  • Paroxysmal Splendor (includes: FZ & Pig/I’m A Beautiful Guy/Crew Slut)
  • Yo Mama
  • Magic Fingers
  • Don't Eat The Yellow Snow
  • Strictly Genteel
  • Black Napkins

Official Release #108
Catalog Number: ZR 20025 
Chicago, Illinois
29 September 1978 (Show 2)
Frank Zappa - Guitar, Vocals
Ike Willis - Guitar, Vocals
Denny Walley - Slide Guitar, Vocals
Tommy Mars - Keyboards, Vocals
Peter Wolf - Keyboards
Ed Mann - Percussion, Vocals
Arthur Barrow - Bass, Vocals
Vinnie Colaiuta - Drums, Vocals
Original recordings produced by Frank Zappa
Produced for release by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers
1978 Mix Engineer: Davy Moire
1978 Recordist: Claus Weideman
2014 Re-mix Engineer: Craig Parker Adams, Winslow CT Studio, Hollywood CA
2014 Mastering Engineer: Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering
Package Design: Michael Mesker
Production Manager: Melanie Starks
Photography: Courtesy of the Vault
Text by FZ

Vaultmeister Notes:
In order to present this show in it’s entirety, there were three different sources to cull from. Main Source: ½-inch 4-Track analog tape masters; Secondary sources: ¼-inch 2-Track reel-to-reel analog tape masters & a board cassette; All tapes were heat-treated and transferred at 96K 24B .WAV at UMRK 2014.
—JOE TRAVERS, Vaultmeister