Civilization Phase III

December 2nd 1994
Civilization Phase III


  • "This Is Phaze III"
  • Put A Motor In Yourself
  • "Oh-Umm”
  • They Made Me Eat It
  • Reagan At Bitburg
  • "A Very Nice Body”
  • Navanax
  • “How The Pigs’ Music Works”
  • Xmas Values
  • "Dark Water!”
  • Amnerika
  • "Have You Heard Their Band?”
  • Religious Superstition
  • "Saliva Can Only Take So Much”
  • Buffalo Voice
  • "Someplace Else Right Now”
  • Get A Life
  • "A Kayak (On Snow)”
  • N-Lite
  • “I Wish Motorhead Would Come Back”
  • Secular Humanism
  • “Attack! Attack! Attack!”
  • I Was In A Drum
  • "A Different Octave"
  • "This Ain’t CNN"
  • "The Pigs’ Music”
  • A Pig With Wings
  • "This Is All Wrong”
  • Hot & Putrid
  • "Flowing Inside-Out”
  • "I Had A Dream About That”
  • Gross Man
  • "A Tunnel Into Muck”
  • Why Not?
  • "Put A Little Motor In ‘Em"
  • "You’re Just Insultin’ Me, Aren’t You!"
  • Dio Fa
  • "That Would Be The End Of That"
  • Beat The Reaper
  • Waffenspiel

Official Release #63
Originally Released: December 2, 1994
Label: Barking Pumpkin
Catalog Number: UMRK 01
Produced, compiled & edited by Frank Zappa

1967 dialog engineered by Dick Kunc
Recorded at Apostolic Studio, NYC

1991 dialog and chamber group pieces engineered by David Dondorf
Recorded at UMRK, Hollywood

1991 full ensemble recordings engineered by Todd Yvega and Marque Coy
Recorded on the Synclavier Direct-To-Disk System at "Joe's Garage," North Hollywood

1992 Synclavier material and all final mixes engineered by Spencer Chrislu at UMRK, Hollywood

Cover design by Uri Balashov

1967 VOICES:
Spider Barbour
All-Night John (Kilgore)
Frank Zappa
Euclid James "Motorhead" Sherwood [a.k.a. Larry Fanoga]
Roy Estrada Louis "The Turkey" Cuneo
Gilly Townley
Unknown Girl #1 (Beckie) Unknown Girl #2 (Maxine)

1991 VOICES:
Moon Unit Zappa
Michael Rappaport
Ali N. Askin
Catherine Milliken
Walt Fowler
Todd Yvega
Michael Svoboda
Michael Gross
William Forman
Uwe Dierksen
Stefan Dohr
Daryl Smith
Franck Ollu
Hermann Kretzschmar
Dweezil Zappa

Members of the ENSEMBLE MODERN:
Dietmar Wiesner—Piccolo, Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute
Catherine Milliken—Oboe, English Horn, Baritone Oboe, Didjeridoo
Roland Diry—Clarinet
Wolfgang Stryi—Tenor Sax, Bass Clarinet, Contrabass Clarinet
Veit Scholz—Bassoon, Contrabassoon
William Forman—Trumpet, Flügelhorn
Michael Gross—Trumpet, Flügelhorn
Franck Ollu—French Horn
Stefan Dohr—French Horn
Uwe Dierksen—Trombone, Pygmy Trombone
Michael Svoboda—Bass Trombone, Alp Horn, Didjeridoo, Conch
Daryl Smith—Tuba
Peter Rundel—Violin 1
Mathias Tacke—Violin 2
Hilary Sturt—Viola
Friedemann Dähn—Cello
Thomas Fichter—Contrabass, Electric Bass
Detlef Tewes—Mandolin
Jürgen Ruck—Guitar, Banjo
Ueli Wiget—Harp
Hermann Kretzschmar—Piano, Celeste
Rumi Ogawa-Helferich—Cymbalom, Percussion
Rainer Römer—Musical Saw, Percussion
Andreas Böttger—Marimba, Percussion

Kaigal-ool Khovalyg—throat-singing (uncredited)
Artis The Spoonman—spoons (uncredited)