Cruising With Ruben & The Jets

December 2nd 1968
Cruising With Ruben & The Jets


  • Cheap Thrills
  • Love Of My Life
  • How Could I Be Such A Fool
  • Deseri
  • I'm Not Satisfied
  • Jelly Roll Gum Drop
  • Anything
  • Later That Night
  • You Didn't Try To Call Me
  • Fountain Of Love
  • No. No. No.
  • Anyway The Wind Blows
  • Stuff Up The Cracks

Official Release #5
Catalog Number: ZR 3838
Produced by: FZ
Executive Producer: Tom Wilson
“This is an album of greasy love songs & cretin simplicity. We made it because we really like this kind of music (just a bunch of old men with rock & roll clothes on sitting around the studio, mumbling about the good old days). Ten years from now you’ll be sitting around with your friends someplace doing the same thing if there’s anything left to sit on.”
The Mothers of Invention:
Ray Collins: Lead Vocals 
FZ: Low Grumbles, Oo-wah and Lead Guitar***
Roy Estrada: High Weazlings, Dwaedy-doop & Electric Bass
Jimmy Carl Black and/or Arthur Dyer Tripp III: Lewd Pulsating Rhythm
Ian Underwood or Don Preston: Redundant Piano Triplets
Motorhead Sherwood: Baritone Sax & Tambourine 
Bunk Gardner and Ian Underwood: Tenor and Alto Saxs  
Original Engineer, Dick Kunc, Apostolic Studios, New York
Digitally Re-Mixed 1984, UMRK
Cover by Cal Schenkel
Liner photo by Dick Barber and Cal Schenkel
“The present day Pachuco refuses to die!” RUBEN SANO, June 1955
Liner Notes & Original Art Direction by FZ, NT&B. 
"It's all one album. All the material in the albums is organically related and if I had all the master tapes and I could take a razor blade and cut them apart and put it together again in a different order it still would make one piece of music you can listen to. Then I could take that razor blade and cut it apart and reassemble it a different way, and it still would make sense. I could do this twenty ways. The material is definitely related."