The Crux Of The Biscuit

July 15th 2016
The Crux Of The Biscuit


  • Cosmik Debris
  • Uncle Remus (Mix Outtake)
  • Down In De Dew (Alternate Mix)
  • Apostrophe’ (Mix Outtake)
  • The Story Of “Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow/St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast”
  • Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow/St. Alphonzo’s Pancake Breakfast (Live)
  • Excentrifugal Forz (Mix Outtake)
  • Energy Frontier (Take 4)
  • Energy Frontier (Take 6 with Overdubs)
  • Energy Frontier (Bridge)
  • Cosmik Debris (Basic Tracks - Take 3)
  • Don’t Eat The Yellow Snow (Basic Tracks - Alternate Take)
  • Nanook Rubs It (Basic Tracks - Outtake)
  • Nanook Rubs It (Session Outtake)
  • Frank’s Last Words.....
Official Release #104
Catalog Number: ZR20020
All Master Recordings Produced By Frank Zappa
The Crux Of The Biscuit: Produced by Gail Zappa & Joe Travers
The crux of the biscuit is project/object #4 in the series of 4tieth Anniversary FZ Audio Documentaries
Photography: Emerson/Lowe
Back Cover Photo: Mark Aalyson
WB March Photos: Jeffrey Mayer/JTMPhotos, Int’l
FZ Illustration: Fantoons (David Calcano/Cristian Garcia)
Art Direction: Ahmet Zappa
Package Design & Gold Record Photo: Michael Mesker
Liner Notes: Simon Prentis
Production Management: Melanie Starks
"Once upon a time Somebody say to me (This is a dog talkin' now) What is your Conceptual Continuity? Well, I told him right then (Fido said) It should be easy to see The crux of the biscuit Is the Apostrophe(')"