Fillmore East – June 1971

August 2nd 1971
Fillmore East – June 1971


  • Little House I Used To Live In
  • The Mud Shark
  • What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are
  • Bwana Dik
  • Latex Solar Beef
  • Willie The Pimp Part One
  • Willie The Pimp Part Two
  • Do You Like My New Car?
  • Happy Together
  • Lonesome Electric Turkey
  • Peaches En Regalia
  • Tears Began To Fall

Official Release #12
Catalog Number: ZR3845
Produced by Frank Zappa
Fillmore East, NYC
June 5-6, 1971
FZ: Guitar & Dialog 
Mark Volman: Lead Vocals & Dialog 
Howard Kaylan: Lead Vocals & Dialog 
Ian Underwood: Winds & Keyboard & Vocals 
Aynsley Dunbar: Drums 
Jim Pons: Bass & Vocals & Dialog 
Bob Harris: 2nd Keyboard & Vocals 
Don Preston: Minimoog
Engineered by Barry Keene
Mixed and Mastered at Whitney Studio starring Toby Foster
Technicians: Paul Hof & Dave O'Neil
Cover by Cal Schenkel (he made me do it)