Frank Zappa Plays The Music of Frank Zappa: A Memorial Tribute

October 31st 1996
Frank Zappa Plays The Music of Frank Zappa: A Memorial Tribute


  • Black Napkins
  • Black Napkins "Zoot Allures" Album Version
  • Zoot Allures
  • Merely A Blues In A
  • Zoot Allures "Zoot Allures" Album Version
  • Watermelon In Easter Hay
  • Watermelon In Easter Hay "Joe's Garage" Album Version
Official Release #66
Released: Halloween/Day of the Dead 1996
Label: Barking Pumpkin
Catalog Number: UMRK 02
Black Napkins 7:10
Live recording: Ljubljana, Yugoslavia 11-22-75
Musicians: Frank Zappa Lead Guitar / Terry Bozzio Drums
Napoleon Murphy Brock Vocals / Norma Bell Vocals
Andre Lewis Keyboards / Roy Estrada Bass
Black Napkins: “Zoot Allures” Album Version 4:15
Live recording: Osaka, Japan - February 1976
Musicians: Frank Zappa Lead Guitar / Terry Bozzio Drums
Andre Lewis Keyboards / Roy Estrada Bass

Zoot Allures 15:45
Live recording: Tokyo, Japan 2-5-76
Musicians: Frank Zappa Lead Guitar / Terry Bozzio Drums
Andre Lewis Keyboards / Roy Estrada Bass
Merely A Blues In A 7:27
Live Recording: Paris, France 9-27-74
Musicians: Frank Zappa Lead Guitar / Chester Thompson Drums
Tom Fowler Bass / Napoleon Murphy Brock Tenor Sax and Vocals
George Duke Keyboards and Vocals

Zoot Allures: “Zoot Allures” Album Version 4:05
Originally released in October 1976
Musicians: Frank Zappa Lead Guitar
Terry Bozzio Drums / Dave Parlato Bass
Ruth Underwood Marimba / Lu Ann Neil Harp

Watermelon In Easter Hay 6:42
Live Recording: City and Specific Date Unknown - January or February 1978
Musicians: Frank Zappa Lead Guitar / Terry Bozzio Drums
Patrick O’Hearn Bass / Tommy Mars Keyboards
Peter Wolf Keyboards / Ed Mann Percussion
Adrian Belew Rhythm Guitar
Watermelon In Easter Hay “Joe’s Garage” Album Version 8:42
Originally released in 1979
Musicians: Frank Zappa Lead Guitar
Vinnie Colaiuta Drums, Optometric Abandon
Arthur Barrow Bass / Peter Wolf Keyboards
Ed Mann Percussion / Warren Cuccurullo Rhythm Guitar

Compilation Produced by DWEEZIL ZAPPA
Mix Engineer Song 1 Spencer Chrislu, 1996
Remaining Songs mixed by Frank Zappa at the when of ever
Sequenced & Edited by Dweezil Zappa at UMRK with Spencer Chrislu, Engineer
Mastered at UMRK for DZ by Spencer Chrislu, June 1996
Songs 2 & 5 originally released October 1976 in FZ’s album “Zoot Allures”
Song 7 originally released November 1979 in the FZ Work “Joe’s Garage”
Analog Tape Resuscitation/ 8 Track, 2 Track Transfers/ Technical Resistance & Collar rah by Dave Dondorf & Spencer Chrislu
Vaultmeisterment & Research: Joe Travers
Preliminary Research: Mike Keneally
CD contains Liner Notes by Dweezil Zappa & Hair Displacement Guidance by Ahmet Zappa
Conceptual Constancy & Text by Gail Zappa
Art Direction & Design Layout by Tracy Veal, 1996
Photo: “Apostrophe(‘)” cover by Emerson-Loew, ©1974 zft.
Cover Manuscript Art by Matt Groening
Digital Layout for Zappa Records by Michael Mesker, 2012
Production Management by Melanie Starks, 2012
Jay Liepis, you know who you are.

Another fine Zappanese production ... we feel it is our duty. . .

“Music is the Best!” – FZ, Joe’s Garage, 1979

All Works Composed by Frank Zappa and Controlled Worldwide by FZ4Tunes dba Zappa Family Trust
except Merely A Blues In A is published by Munchkin Music dba zft.
(P)©1996 Zappa Family Trust. Artwork & Text ©1996, mmxii ZFT.
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This is Zappa Family Archival Matter In Living Ylem. This is Official Release #66.
Thanks again Matt.


Frank Zappa Plays The Music of Frank Zappa – A Memorial Tribute is a title that remains wildly amusing to all of us Other Zappas. So far no one else has taken up the challenge and who could do it better than FZ anyway. Right. And yes, this is also the origin and inspiration for the name of what is now Dweezil’s band, Zappa Plays Zappa. And who could do that better.


Round about 20 years or so ago it occurred to me to ask Frank if he wanted to restrict any works in any way. I realize this is an odd question but in 1992 he had done so with a couple of the pieces from the Yellow Shark performances - because he himself IS the main instrument necessary to the performance of the Work. This was the context and his answer was immediate. He named “Zoot Allures,” “Black Napkins” and “Watermelon in Easter Hay.” He said he did not want anyone to play them because they are his “Signature Guitar Compositions.” Simple. Direct. Like the Wave that rises in the One Great Deep – the Weighty Ocean Blanket – when tectonic havoc murks about and messes up her bed. I was at once unmade and undone. And salty.
No one can own Frank Zappa’s signature – by pen, baton, or guitar. It is of his hand to his last note – and his last rest. Many people have asked why FZ’s gravesite is unmarked. Still.

I have my answer albeit in the form of a question: How is it possible that a mere stone, a stele, a tablet, a monolithic memorial marker could possibly serve proper notice of the existence of this man. This Human who is no longer Being. He is exactly Still. Infinitely Silent. So I decided differently. Frank told me I would know what to do. He was correct. This is what I came to understand.
This is his mark. These 3 Guitar Songs. They are forever fixed in the now of the anytime you want to hear them. HERE. Go on. Dance on his Humor (which is very much the opposite of Grave).

los angeles, ca
15 november 2012